CCE – A Poisoned Chalice?

CCE – A Poisoned Chalice?

The Central Board of Secondary Education had implemented the Continous and Comprehensive Evaluation during 2009 and its was received with a mixed response. However good be the system, we always do find flaws with it.

The main idea was to analyze a student’s performance over a period of time rather that a single exam that would decide the fate. This was obviously a very decisive move that was lauded especially by parents who’s word counts much more than the students who face it. But it took time for everyone to understand the true color of how exactly this CCE works.

The FA’s (Formative Assesment) and SA’s ( Summative Assessment ) just became new terms for class tests and terminal exams. The best thing that can spoil a student is choices. The board based test or the school-based test. This was the worst thing that the board could do. The Board based test in a way suggests that it was an option to change institutions or the board of education. Technically, CBSE was offering the students a way to move out of the system which in a way proves itself not so worthy.

Moreover, the absence of a final ‘BOARD EXAM’ which completely determines your result was a very appreciable move. But, then the students would be facing this monstrous exam for the first time in the twelfth grade. Obviously the twelfth-grade results are valued a lot more than the latter.

There are a few things that the educational board makes clear to itself before sending circulars to the student. Is it trying to make life easier initially and push the battle to the end? Or is the transition to make class twelve exams into CCE as slow as passing the Lokpal?

But we are not supposed to question all this. All that we should is to write exams and get good marks. All right?

So, the title is a bit thought provoking. It can be a boon to a few students who are indeed ‘geniuses’ where as the rest who belong to the majority ‘ average’ category face the real challenge. The class twelve exams do not reflect the real nature of the student if they go through the CCE with out writing the big final exam at least once before they face the twelfth. It is like writing Chinese with an English script.

It is high time that things need to settle down and its not a football match to be played. It’s the life of students who have millions of promises to keep.

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