Virginity – Virtually Nothing!!!

Virginity – Virtually Nothing!!!

It was certainly a visual treat when Mehta Mansion was festooned like a newlywed. Scintillating yellow lights over an area of 10 acres made it appear like a mass of Gold on earth. The reigned gleam was more luminous than the full moon on the night sky along with the convoy of dazzling stars. The whole house ponged like a melange of world’s best fragrances. Every ingredient that constructs true happiness was prevalent there on that day. Men and women were dazzled in designer attires. Gold, diamonds, rubies and emeralds; nothing was left behind in complementing one’s attire. Mellifluous music, a wide array of gastronomical delights, the best of wines amidst the relentless joy; it was indeed a big fat Indian wedding in fairy tale style. Why won’t it be? It was after all the wedding of the country’s biggest business tycoon’s daughter, Avantika Mehta. More popular for being amongst the youngest CFOs, she was marrying Sahil Kapoor, the son of Kapoors, another magnate of the business world. It was certainly an arranged marriage like how it happens in the world of business. A fecund business association is often transmuted into family relationship for the mutual progress of both the business houses. The same happened here. Avantika Mehta soon became Mrs. Avantika Sahil Kapoor.


The week long festivities came to an end once the newlyweds left for their exotic honeymoon in Maldives. Everything in life appeared like a blissful ride. Sahil was a nice guy to hangout with. Well qualified, sophisticated and a true symbol of the elite class. They knew each other through business deals. But marital life and business meets are more like chalk and cheese. One night, when the cavalcade of luminous stars was mirrored on the crystal clear water of Maldives beach, they both opened up to start their marital journey. Amidst small talk, shared thoughts and a medley of emotions, Sahil held Avantika’s hand and uttered,

“We are starting a new phase in our life. Would you mind me asking you something?”

Avantika, half drowned in nature’s splendour curled up her eyebrows in mere surprise.

“Ask away.”


Sahil looked a bit perplexed. He gathered some courage, lowered his pitch and almost whispered into her ears, “Are you a virgin?”

Virginity, a term to certify one’s character; an expression to demonstrate one’s sexual status and lastly, a word which is characteristically associated with the very essence of biology but lacks scientific significance. A dozen movies where romance is synonymous to love, the word virginity plays a more important role than the leading actors. Eminent magazines showcase a long list of fabricated questionnaires where teenage girls are eager, apprehensive or curious about virginity. The social and print media raise a hue and cry when a superstar from Bollywood declares himself a virgin even in his mid-40. Years ago, there was a fad of wearing black colour rubber bangles to display one’s virgin status. However, What is it to be a Virgin?

Biologically speaking, a human body is composed of millions of tissues. One such tissue is the hymen membrane in the female genitalia and frenulum in the male genitalia. Linguistics explains virginity as something naïve or pure or innocent while the cultural evolution of humans added a feather to the adjective. From Stone Age to modern ‘so called’ civilized age, humans associated virginity to the mere presence of that small delicate membrane in one’s genitalia. Presence of the membrane labelled one as sexually untouched, or to be precise, sexually pure and A VIRGIN. When humans prospered and became civilized, men and women were differentiated and discriminated based on their physical capabilities. Gradually, gender discrimination was no longer restricted to division of labour.

Men with their chauvinistic attitude gained an upper hand over women in every aspect. Virginity was there in the queue too and remains so till date. While a man’s sexual status or virginity remains immaterial, a woman’s virginity is considered to be a must to certify her morality. Believe it or not, there exist some communities with a ritual of checking a girl’s virginity before consummation of marriage. If one’s morality, integrity, and sexuality are merely confined to the presence or absence of a tissue in the body, then be assured Biology snickers at humanity. A human body goes through different types of wear and tear every single day. Both hymen in females and frenulum in males is very much prone to breakage due to any sort of strenuous activity; not necessarily sexual activity. Bracketing the presence and absence of this membrane with one’s sexual life is preposterous at best. Sadly, this outlook persists like an epidemic.

The situational preface of the article is fictitious. But Avantika is indeed amalgamated within the whole fabric of society. There exist many ‘Sahils’ who question their wives’ sexuality irrespective of their social status. A woman’s virtue doesn’t lie in her genitalia. A woman’s character is not a slave to a mere membrane. A woman’s morality is never synonymous to her virginity, which is virtually nothing.

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