Confiscate the caste

Confiscate the caste

Life is always like a random string of moments imprisoned within a time zone. A human life is marked by an anarchic amalgamation of iridescent, gloomy, ostentatious and revolting moments. Life is undoubtedly unpredictable. Yesterday transmutes into history and tomorrow always endures to be a mystery. True. However, there is another entity about the present human life. It is PROVERBIAL. The ‘modern’ human life of the present time zooms past at lightning speed but an array of situations trap us in perpetual cohesion with many age-old proverbs. An avalanche of thoughts floods my mind when I hear the screeches of caste based reservation from every corner of our country. The contemporaneous caste-based reservations in the education system, the sketch of the job market, and the veiled political approach always set my thoughts on a brainstorming session. I question myself, can two wrongs make a right? If yesteryears were venomous, can a malicious present breed a munificent future? Parched pages of history, engraved inks of societal scholars, diligent debates of the erudite and every ingredient of the past, brace the brutality that actually occurred. However, my consciousness keeps revolving around one eminent English proverb, TWO WRONGS CAN NEVER MAKE A RIGHT. An erroneous past along with a flawed present can never erect a blooming future.

Humans have come across a long way. Growth and development not only occurred physically and physiologically but also as the superlative creation of God. The five senses which once-upon-a-time used to congregate for mere food gathering now unite for scientific development. The concept of growth is synonymous to the proliferation of a seed. A seed doesn’t grow into a flowering tree within the fraction of a second. Likewise, humans did not migrate to this present life in a day. They scuffled to touch this relatively tranquil life. It was never a one man job. The concept of division of labour propagated right from the days of cavemen. Religious scriptures, historians and scholars have spent millions of words in reciting the whole process of division, demarcation and discrimination. A long chain of elucidation of why-when-how does exist about the proliferation of this culture of division. However, any logical mind would conclude that the system of ‘division of labour’ was initiated just to share the burden of life which gradually metamorphosed into a system of dividing humans into man and woman and of course further into castes and sub-castes. Time flew and the struggle to survive strengthened. Some emerged stronger than others and the seeds of one superior sect of humans were sown. A prominent line of bigotry appeared between the rich and poor; the stronger and weaker; the intellectual and mediocre and of course between male and female. When the physiological, intellectual and financial differences emerged prominently in the human world, the weaker sect bore the burden of exploitation for hundreds of years. The wheel of time spun and the scholars stoked the fire of equality amongst humans.

Sixty six years back, a system of reservation was conceptualised for emboldening the weaker sect of humans in our country. The initial idea of motivating and uplifting the downtrodden was genuinely appreciable but as the time passed by, the concept of reservation presented the route to a greater vote bank for the true blue patriotic politicians. Our country’s past was deplorable indeed but the present was never responsible for it. Present builds the future. The caste system was created thousands of years back which technically do not hold any significance in the present multicultural world. The financial statistics of our country reflect only the poor and the rich, which is very much irrespective of the castes. One can find thousands of ‘general’ castes battling for quenching their basic needs while the so called ‘lower’ castes enjoy brimming coffers. Still, in every official form, one can find preferences based on religion and castes. Still, the job market prefers to sieve the employees based on caste and not on talent. Still, the shrines of knowledge promote a caste based system while lending the chance of education. Highbrows who advocate this system of caste reservation often term the practice as a ROUTE TO RECTIFICATION. My not so great intellect urges them to reconsider their thought process once. A lamentable past, crafted by our very own forefathers cannot be altered. A past that authenticates the present can never be erased. Memories can never be scored but can always be healed. Sins of the past can never be eradicated by committing the same mistake in the present. One needs to acknowledge the past mistakes and prepare not to repeat the same. The rampant system of caste based reservation mirrors a sort of revenge and not rectification. The same form of heinous discrimination still prevails. THE SYSTEM REMAINED THE SAME. ONLY THE VICTIMS CHANGED. To enrich a sect which was exploited in the past, the system started exploiting the other sect which dominated in the past. It reinforced the famous perception of ‘an eye for an eye’ and the so called ideology of reformation reflects a thinly veiled exploitation.

Equality is an ideology which is a must for a sustainable development of humankind. Equality cannot be brought with partiality or favouritism. It can be fetched by GIVING EQUAL CHANCES TO EVERYBODY. The process, which was started in the name of bringing equality amongst the various castes, has miserably failed to create any sort of egalitarianism between the castes. Equality was never needed amongst the castes but it remains a must for availing the basic need for survival in an increasingly competitive world. The presence of penurious people can never be refuted. They do exist with the dearth of basic amenities. Reservation is explicitly essential, not for the castes but for the deprived. Today, if the societal reformers and political crusaders truly want an enriched society reflecting an ultimate equality, they must confiscate the caste-based reservation and ignite a NEED-BASED RESERVATION.

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