Is being single really the worst thing that can happen to you?

Is being single really the worst thing that can happen to you?

One day I was on my way back home from college, waiting at the bus stop I saw a girl hysterically crying by the side of the road . Naturally I was concerned and scooted over by to ask if she was okay “My boyfriend dumped me. I am going to Die single” she said.

Being a perpetually single 20 something I have never really understood what the fuss is all about. Finding a person, someone who as people term would ‘complete’ me , love me and make me happy hasn’t really been a priority for me. All my life i have felt absolutely complete. I have loved myself and have been loved by my family and friends and have been pretty content . Now that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in love or I don’t want to share my life with someone but what I fail to understand is that why is there so much pressure around to end up with someone and is being single really the worst thing that can happen to someone . In this ever so chaotic world coupled with the introduction of numerous dating websites we are constantly hounded and long to be with someone.

The other day I was on the phone with a friend who has had a string of bad relationships in the past. Her concern was the same “I am unable to keep a guy around for long. I am going to stay alone forever, this is the worst that can happen” . That is when i felt like i have had enough and told her few things which I felt should be told to every overly eager teen wanting to date someone or a person who is just in a bad dating space.

1. The worst isn’t to wound up single but to end up with the wrong guy/ girl. You can be perfectly happy alone but if you end up with a wrong person you are doomed.

2. Staying alone isn’t really bad but damaging your health or getting dark circles by worrying about staying single is. No point stressing over the fact that would you end up with someone or not when someone is meant to enter your life that person would, Period.

3. It is better to be single than being in a relationship with a person where you see no future but hold on to it just because you are too chicken to stay single. Let that ship sail. Do not be so afraid to be alone that you let yourself suffer endless miseries. If you are not happy get out of that relationship, chances are you will find someone with whom you can be deliriously happy.

4. How it is better to be alone than to bear with some unappreciative douche bag. I am happy being single than being with a person who is ungrateful and a thankless being. I do not want to be showered with compliments or want my efforts to be appreciated constantly but I certainly do not want to be in a relationship where the other person simply ignores every effort I put in for them and takes me for granted.

5. And then there are myriad of things in life that could happen to us that are worse than being single.

I believe if we struggle to find love always we might never really be able to get it .When the time is right someone surely would come around who would make you see the silver lining in the cloud. Until then one should be in love with themselves and their life every moment. We should feel complete by ourselves and remember that our happiness isn’t dependent on a person, and that we solely our responsible for our happiness. But does that mean we should give up the hope of finding someone special? Absolutely not. At all times we should keep our hopes high but should remember that being single is definitely not the worst that can happen.

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