The Science of Sports!

Sports! A field where results are everything, where fitness is the primary requirement, where emotions take a roller coaster ride every time. Years have passed, and every passing year slowly and steadily the field of sports is becoming larger and larger and technologically more advanced.

We often think an athletes’ win is because of his hard work, his training day in and day out. I agree that these are the factors, but not only these! There are many more factors that directly or indirectly help the athletes to achieve success. When we look at sporting achievements over the last decades, it seems that humans are getting better and better every passing day. David Epstein, a famous journalist who understands the science behind the sports very well explains the different factors and specially how technology have played a big role making today’s athletes more faster, better, bolder and stronger.


Let’s have a look:


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Sahil Shaparia

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