8 food apps that all foodies must have!!

8 food apps that all foodies must have!!
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Are you a food lover? Have insatiable hunger for food? Going nuts over it? – In short are you a foodie?? If yes, welcome to the club!

Being a foodie is not as easy as you think, it is neither a cup of tea nor a cake walk 😛 Every foodie has an inbuilt bug that is always anxious to try out new cuisines and flavors, and it is the driving key for ones survival.

There are again various creeds of foodies – those who go to restaurants and consider ambiance of the place on par with the taste of food and then there is this typical another kind. These have another bug called laziness!! These are the people who are lazy to get out of their bed let alone going to restaurant to dine-in! But they are never behind the first type, these are the most honest and true food lovers/critics.

If you are one such huge food lover but a lazy ass (:P) then you ought to have these wonderful food apps on your phone (if you haven’t yet already)

Zomato, the most used app by all foodies known so far. Zomato gives us the list of restaurants which match our criteria within seconds. If you are trying the restaurant for the first time, then the reviews help you to choose the best dish and surprise yourself. Also, it is the best place so far to give a proper feedback. Most of the hotels/restaurants are now associated with Zomato and they consider our feedback valuable and always write back. Moreover, you can always see how much the food costs so that you can avoid being bankrupted if you are on your date night at a special restaurant.  In simpler words, Zomato simplified our lives not just a little but a lot.
Source: techcrunch.com

2.Food Panda
As we were talking earlier, the lazy bums who find it hard to go out and grab a bite, here’s your food buddy. Order food from any restaurant nearby and get food delivered to your home. Food Panda is such a humble panda that it always loves to pay our food (If not completely, at least half). Yeah, the discounts they shower on us! Almost no weekend, or sometimes weekdays pass without ordering food from this app
techbuzzes Source: techbuzzes.com

3.Just Eat
JustEat is a similar app which tells ‘order with a tap on the app’ and feeds us once you enter your city and location. It lets you browse nearby restaurants, shows the menu and discounts(coupon codes) before ordering food. It has free home delivery option after a minimum amount and operates in most of the big cities in India.
dailstarcouk Source:dailstar.co.uk

4.Tasty Khana
Serves free, fast delivery from over 9000+ restaurants. It has take away and delivery all over India Tasty Khana is now merged into foodpanda, so we would find it soon on foodpanda.
elanceSource: elance.com

5.Tiny Owl
Tiny owl has newly entered the market and does have exciting offers for all the foodies. One more food-able addition to the kitty
medianamaSource: Medianama.com

Faaso’s is a very popular fast food joint in Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Pune that’s known for its large selection of wraps. Unlike Domino’s, Faaso’s has done a great job with its app and treads a fine line between making the app stick to the restaurant’s aesthetics while still being easy and simple to use.
inc42Source: inc42

Burrp is also a restaurant listing food service app, with very well put story like reviews about food, menu, ambiance and price. A tough competition to Zomato but an amazing addition to our food app collection.
googleplaySource: Google Play

8.Travel Khana
If you love the rush of travelling in trains but aren’t sure what kind of food you will get while travelling, do not worry! TravelKhanna is there to serve us, may it be a short or a long trip they assure us the best quality food.  They serve delicious food that has been relished by both kids and adults alike. The one thing you have to do is enter you travel details, boarding point, where you want to eat and what you want to eat! Your food will be waiting for you at the station!!

What are you waiting for!!!?? Let’s go grab a late night bite! 😀

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    • Lavanya Tatikonda

      Thank you Mr.Banala!

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