We can do it – A motivational guide

We can do it – A motivational guide

You can do it.

Everyone says that. Even, Nike does. All the successful people do. Writers and bloggers do. Because, everyone needs a motivational guide sometime or the other

Have you ever wondered why they use ‘you’? Because, they are already successful; and now they are mentoring you for your success. They want you to follow their footsteps. This article doesn’t belong to that crew. My bad, if this stops you from reading this post then you are free to leave (As we live in a free world, I won’t stop you :P) But, I apologize for wasting your precious internet data and time.

Ohkay. I see you are still up and reading this! Then, lets dig in more. This article is not by someone who had success, but by someone who failed at almost each step of his life. So that’s why I would refrain from saying ‘you can do it’ but would rather love to say WE CAN DO IT! Let me guess why you are here!! You wanted to do something but you couldn’t start because of let’s say a many-a-ton reasons. May be, you didn’t try hard enough or even when you tried, you have failed and still, you wish to make another attempt, but after being stumbled upon so many times you are hopeless to start all over again.

Understand that, what you are going to do is not a matter of choice; it’s a necessity. Success is always a need never a luxury. There are no second thoughts about it. If we keep on thinking that it’s a matter of choice or we will do it later, we will keep thinking the same and will never do it. Learn that, no matter what; you have to do the task in hand. And, that’s the difference between us and the person who has already successful; we just dream of doing things. They dream and DO things. Potential is of no use, if it isn’t used. (Pun intended)

I am not going to bore you by saying.. Let’s make a timetable!! Let’s make the plan. Everybody has a plan but it’s the execution of the plan that separates us form the (so-called) winners and it is a very thin line, indeed that can be vanished by hard work. Pure and determined hard work. A person who pushes and does hard work at 100% of ones potential will succeed but will never be a legend, if you want to be a legend give 102% effort. And we? We are much behind the curve. We haven’t buckled up our shoes yet, how we can dream of beating Usain Bolt, while lying on our couch. If we want to beat him, get your butts off the couch and head to the running track.

Failure is never bad. It is good. Failure is the stepping stone for success. Failing instills the desire to work hard. To push harder. Learning from others mistakes never completes you, but learning from your mistakes teaches – what a thousand books can’t. This is my first article at Reviste, I know it’s not upto the mark. I know maybe someone will say that, I can write better. That’s a failure but that won’t make me give up… I will just try harder the next time, after all I can’t learn unless I start making mistakes! And, if my life is mistake free and happy then I am just wasting my time doing nothing new and learning nothing new. Success never comes if you just live in your cocoon. If you want to be the butterfly, you have to put your effort and break out.

Author’s Tale: Right now, I am feeling bored writing this boring article. I am feeling hungry, I didn’t have my breakfast, I woke up late. I don’t want to write this, I want to eat. But still I will finish this article no matter how bad it is, because I made a promise to the Reviste Team, that I will not disappoint them. So, I am going to submit as many articles as I can in my 3 month internship. If I’m being a failure, I can work hard, harder if needed! You , being far more intelligent and determined than me, why don’t you also try? I have finished my article maybe you can finish your work too. Cheerio and best of luck.

  • Gourab Singha

    awsumm article!! expecting more from you. 🙂

  • Keshav Sharma

    Its not that great, but definitely the article did its job..

  • Kaustubh Khede

    Not bad actually if I consider you as a first timer on reviste.I am impressed.Example taken of Usain Bolt was just perfect and indeed I got the pun.

  • Suporno Chaudhury

    Thanks a lottt for the support. 🙂

  • Vastavikta Gandhi

    Amazing job for a first article. It definitely got me motivated! Expecting more articles from you.

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