The Liftware level which makes eating easier!

Liftware Level:

Liftware, a company designed an electronic spoon named, “The Liftware Level” for people with disabilities. The idea would sound wacky, if individuals don’t recognize the context. However, it is very well-thought and designed. According to the company, the product aims to assist individuals with Huntington’s disease and works nearly like DJI Osmo, which helps the users keep the spoon stable regardless of hand’s orientation. The spoon bends from its neck and working with a chargeable battery to form the steadiness potential.

‘Liftware Level’ comes alongside a hand strap, which might be worn by users, so they don’t drop the spoon accidentally. You’ll be able to use interchangeable attachment heads to turn the spoon into a fork as reported by circuit breaker. The battery of the Liftware level will be upstanding for about one hour of continuous usage without the need of charging. It can be charged using the charging adapter.

One hour of continuous usage is calculable to be approximately 3 meals according to the company. ‘Level’ is on the market for pre-order for $195 for the Starter Kit along with separate Fork and Spoon attachment for $34.95 each on the Liftware website.

The video attachment will explain clearly about the Liftware level.

Credits: Trendyteks


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