A look into Bugatti Veyron’s Manufacturing

A look into how this car hits the top speed

One of the finest engineering innovation which is an unique combination of speed and design is Bugatti Veyron. Unlike other manufaturers, Buggati Vernon has its own aesthetic value. The manufacturing limit of 300 cars per year explains why it holds an unique place for itself.

The limited number of manufaturing is not because of the price or lack of orders. The fact is that every Bugatti Veyron that runs on the road is completely man made. There is no influence of any kind of machinery work on this superfast car.

The few specifications of Bugatti that makes us awestruck is that the similarity of the vehicle with an aircraft. Yes, a Jumbo jet and a Bugatti.

The brakes of Bugatti Veryon is manufactured by aircraft brake manufacturers which means that the same brakes that is used by a 1 million pond vehicle is installed to halt a 1100 pound vehicle. Credits to its high speed.


The very unique aspect of Bugatti is its engine. Bugatti employs a very unique W 16 engine or a combination of two V8 engines to power this supercar. A W16 IC Engine has a 8 litre capacity and comprises of 16 cylinders and comes under the category of W engine. This is a type of reciprocating engine which has its assembly very similar to the ‘W’ shape.


So what is the need to employ such high power engines? The obvious answer is to obtain high power. To put it bluntly, High Speed. The 8 liter capacity engine weighs 400 kilograms that produces around 1180 HP at 6400 rpm. Isn’t that beyond our imagination? Another unique quality of the W16 engine is that it is quad-turbo charged.

To achieve this excellence, design consideration is a very important factor. To achieve this, the designer took an aeroplane design. A wing is positioned on the rear side of the Bugatti which controls its position according to the wind direction to achieve this top speed. Another important function is to keep this high speed vehicle on the ground.

The transmission system of the Bugatti is a magic. Each cylinder has four valves which sums up the total number of valves to 64. A normal engine cannot withstand the effect of such high precision. Hence a turbo charger is used which increases the efficiency of the internal combustion.

To all the Automobile freaks, “A Bugatti Veyron is a 16 cylinder 1180 BHP vehicle that can attain a maximum speed of 408.8 km/hr”

The price of the basic model of Bugatti Veyron comes to around $2,250,000 which comes around 15 crore Indian Rupees!!!

Even though the car has highly efficient specifications, the clearance at top speed is around 9 cm. Now , the only challenge that this supercar would face is ‘Indian Roads’.

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