The day Hollywood became HOLLYWeeD yet again!!

The day Hollywood became HOLLYWeeD yet again!!

What would any normal human plan to do on a New Year’s Eve? Either go out and party with friends & family? Drink and dance till the bottoms of your heart? Or wish all your loved ones as soon as the clock ticks 12.00? And not to forget the infinite number of resolutions flowing out of the box?

All these must have seemed pretty naive for a resident of California who planned to pull an impractical prank on the world. Yes, the holy sign of ‘Hollywood’ in Los Angeles, California has been changed to ‘HOLLYWeeD’ overnight. More than a new year’s prank, it was a surprise to the whole bunch of tourists, hikers and residents who expected to see ‘Hollywood’ but in-turn saw Hollyweed and got thrilled.

It is believed that the prank is likely to mark the electoral success in November, which legalized the recreational use of marijuana in the state of California.

According to LAPD and their security cameras, a guy dressed in black have changed the ‘O’s of Hollywood to ‘e’s at around 3.00 am using tarps. Investigation is underway to find the prankster. Fortunately, no damage has been made to the structure of the sign, so this act might not come under vandalism but will surely be considered as trespassing and the prankster is subjected to punishment under those terms.

However, this was not the first time someone tried to vandalize with Hollywood. On the new year of 1976, a prankster named Danny Finegood has changed this sign to ‘Hollyweed’. It was on records that Danny Finegood has altered the sign multiple times in interest of events. And the latest prankster must have definitely been inspired from Mr.Finegood.

The sign was restored to its original structure “Hollywood” by the park rangers within hours this incident was reported.

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