Mark Zuckerberg builds personalized AI assistant – Jarvis!!

Mark Zuckerberg builds personalized AI assistant – Jarvis!!

Mark Zuckerberg has a new housemate: Jarvis, a man-made intelligence assistant he created this year which will control appliances, play music, acknowledge faces and, maybe most imposingly, entertain his kid.

The Facebook founder spent one hundred hours manufacturing the virtual assistant — named once the factitious intelligence system in “Iron Man” — that understands spoken commands as well as text messages, he wrote in a Facebook post on Monday

Among Jarvis’s skills: adjusting the house thermostat, turning on lights and operative the toaster. The virtual assistant texts Zuckerberg captures of visitors who stop by during the day and opens the front entrance for those it acknowledges. It can even tell when Zuckerberg’s 1-year-old daughter, Max, wakes up “so it will start taking part in music,” he wrote.

He posted a video on Facebook, where Zuckerberg offers an example of Jarvis at work: “Max awakened a few minutes past. I’m entertaining her,” the virtual assistant (voiced by Morgan Freeman) tells Zuckerberg, before turning his attention to the kid.

Mark says that he will keep teaching Jarvis new tricks and connect the robot to a lot of appliances


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