Relationship with a Mentor

Relationship with a Mentor
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If you are a teenager of this century one thing you definitely need is a mentor. The global completion has become so gruelling now-a-days that what everyone wants, is fast productivity and excellence. And excellence not only in the field of studies but various co-curricular activities like dancing, singing, sports and so on.



They are a voluntary counsellor who directs us at a certain area of our live stop overcome our weaknesses or to polish us. They can be a professional establishment or they can be our seniors, someone from seminars that you attended etc. They are someone who solely focus on helping you succeed.

What kind of relationship?
They give you a one to one attention. Appropriate to the relationship they are the ones who amplify the knowledge you require to pursue a career of your interest. In India, parents or schools doesn’t focus on anything other than what’s the conventional route to your path of career. Sometimes you need a relationship with an informal role model who has the same interest as you, who has walked down the same path you chose to. They are the best kinds. We do live in the world of technology now so you can chat, skype… virtual as well as casual setting will do because they would understand your schedule as they have travelled in the same shoe before.

How does it benefit?
They have the connections in that field. They can get you internships that will help you thrive. They can set up beneficial interviews. They can help you get exposure to the thing that matters the most.



Since my perception was not clear, it was my mentor who advised me to pursue architecture, and that this the most beneficial counsel he could give me when I was out of option because he knew what held my interest and where it would flourish the most. What this relationship requires the most is trust but only when you have chosen an appropriate mentor. So choose wisely.

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