Sometimes listening to yourself boosts your motivation!

Sometimes listening to yourself boosts your motivation!
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Don’t let your laziness win over you because the best motivation always comes within you!!

Everyone has an interest, a passion or at least a hobby where they can be true to themselves and define an identity.  So am I. For me, it is writing, not like a 500-page novel but may be a 500-word blog post every day. Sometimes even when you are passionate about your hobby, you feel a hiatus between your daily chores and your hobbies. That is when you are losing motivation. Eventually, your dreariness will take you far away from your love and enjoys your suffering.

When you realize that you are drifting into a totally different stream, then it is the time for you to pause and look back. You need to re-think, analyze and re-iterate until you find the culprits behind your deviation. Most of the times, these reasons are involuntary, unavoidable and you are bound to stick to them. But, nothing is permanent in life, everything is a passing cloud and so are these. But how to get away with this?

1. Give yourself a break
You know that you are in the crisis situation, overloaded by the trauma of work, overburdened by the drama of relationships, pissed over the sickness of summer and what does not add up? Every minuscule thing seems like a grave misery and thinking about not enjoying your life gives you nothing but suicidal thoughts.
Oh C’mon, don’t be a creep now! This is when you need a break. Take a break from every effing thing around you! When I say break, I mean it – B.R.E.A.K! As much as you need, a day or a week or a month and if you are going beyond it, come back pleaseee!!

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2. Get yourself on lighter things
Listen to a new genre of music, something light, soothing and comforting or a rock bandish on the flip side.
Go, watch a movie – Probably a romantic comedy or a magical animation. Laugh your heart out.
Eat, whatever you like. Do not count the calories, just eat! All the chocolates, desserts and yummy sweets.
Dance until the floor starts dancing to your moves. Dance like you are in the World’s best dance-off!


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3. Have ME time
Yes, go solo! Sometimes the best lessons are learnt when you are alone. Have the pleasure of being with yourself. Ask yourself some questions. Give yourself some pleasure. Treat yourself.
Solitary comfort is the best comfort of all

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4. Travel
Do not ask where? Just leave! Go where the road takes you to but come back before the night creeps in. If you are brave enough – Explore is the word. New place, new cuisine, new city,  new eat-out or anything that is new to you! So, there you become the discoverer of something. Otherwise, go into the woods, go trekking. GO WILD!

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5. Go Home
No, no. I literally mean it – Go home and meet your parents. You need the spoon-feeding from your mom, pampering from your dad and a princely time in your little palace.

motivation house

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6. Meet your love of life
If you are not able to go home due to any possible reasons then go meet your love. Spend some time together, go on a long drive, dinner date and some sweet love. As they say “Love has this magical power of healing all the problems“. So, why not try this?

motivation love

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7. Workout
Yes, the hardest of all. Now get your ass off the bed and start working out. Go for a jog, do crunches, stretches and hit the gym hard. Studies say that exercise refreshes you physically and mentally. Quotes say that ‘True healing comes by nourishing your mind, body and soul‘. Following studies and quotes will not dump you in a puddle for sure.

motivation workout

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8. Get Nostlagic
Revisit your memories. If you write or review or paint or draw or shoot (pictures) or dance or anything then this is the time that you need to look back at your older works. I’m pretty sure this will give you enough motivation if not any of the above. After all, I vouch for this option as it worked for me!!

motivation revisit

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At the end, never give-up on anything in life, until you win it!

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