Be a leader, not a blind follower

We might have encountered many situations when leadership played the most the crucial role. We have ideas, innovation and strategy, yet lacking the seldom presentation due inability to lead. Ways to gateway row to notch. Until and unless the bug to lead sprang until then all efforts run into vain.

What all qualities should a good leader have? One can’t teach, nor can it be learnt in any coaching center. It’s all eccentric and lies inside us. Gradual development and analysis of stats are what make you a good leader. Ability to communicate with the team and hence conveying the real-time message are sound qualities leader possess. Well, buzz terms and facts apart; in simple words, a leader is one who holds his or her nerves even in worst case scenarios.

History reveals greatest personalities who shook the world with their paramount leadership.

Napoleon Bonaparte became Emperor of France in 1804, which at the time was an unenviable job. However, his leadership skills helped to bring an end to lawlessness and disorder in his home country – one that was still finding its feet following the revolution. Bonaparte was known for his great risk taking, and respected for his willingness to lead from the front in battle.

Even today leadership is simply rocking in each sector, be it politics, science, entertainment etc, the list is limited yet huge to be detailed. It plays the key role in entrepreneurship to build an umpire from scratch. It requires hard-core planning and immense leadership qualities to confront reckless situations.

One such leader is “STEVE JOBS”. I am still using ‘is’ because his motivation and vision to change the world is still alive in our heart. A leader has confidence, a leader has zeal to bring revolutionary change also a leader has strength, to go against all odds in society. One of them is definitely Steve Jobs possessing the finest blend of leadership qualities.

Finally leadership is not a child’s play, yet not rocket science to master. It’s simply step growth of common sense along with self-discipline.



Sayantika Banik

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