Confusing Confusion

Confusing Confusion

There are times when you have a single option and you have to either take it or leave it. All you have to do is to weigh the options on a balance and come to a decision. These are called simple times.

Then there are times when you don’t have an option. You can think of such times as bad ones as you don’t have a pool of choices from where you can pick one. Your opinion doesn’t matter. It is even more frustrating for control freaks like myself when you have to go with the flow. This means you to move ahead without a concrete Plan A or maybe a Plan B. This disorganization leads to chaos but you can still deal with it because obviously you do not exercise free will here.

However, there are other times when you have too many choices. My friends, you can call these as the worst times. Since there are so many options, so similar options that even a checklist of pros and cons does not suffice. A final decision seems distant. You get lost in confusion. Even meditation does not calm your thoughts and you enter the mode which I prefer to call the “Confusing Confusion Mode” (CCM). In this mode you get so engrossed in picking the right option that you end up losing perspective of your final goal. In order to stay on track, you need to break out of CCM and to do this you need to follow the steps mentioned below

  1. Define you goal. Once you have a clear understanding of your aim, your passion, the road ahead will become more clear.

  2. If none of your options direct you towards your goal, chuck them. Try again. But don’t try too much. Sometimes we get lost in trying so hard that we loose track of time and end up nowhere. After a few tries, set another goal. No need to be a pessimist but always be pragmatic. Don’t get blind in love of your ambition. I am sure your life’s target would mold according to the circumstances. Be flexible. Rigid structures break.

  3. After you clear the above 2 steps you’ll be left with lesser number of favorable options in your bag. Number them and play bowling with those numbered pins. The pins that you hit are the options that you need to discard. If you feel sad while discarding any of the numbers, it instantly uncovers your gut feeling. Put this option back into your bag.

  4. At the end of all the elimination rounds you’ll be left with your final 2 crucial choices. Now is when the real game begins, when you reach the climax of CCM. What you do now will define the course of your life ahead. Think hard. Take feedback from people who have encountered the same situation. Take a vote. And when finally nothing works, toss the coin.

Wait, what? You thought I’ll give you a crash course on how to reach a conclusion when in confusion? Well, when you couldn’t do it yourself, how do you think someone else would do it for you? Nobody said life is going to be fair. Be happy that you are fortunate enough that you at least get to choose. Be thankful that you are at the cross roads where you get to decide your life’s future course, that you are not thrown into a dump at someone else’s discretion. So make a choice and live with it. Confusion only makes your stronger and a better decision maker. If you go wrong, you learn your lesson and if your choice fares well then there is nothing to complain about. So, chuck the CCM mode, and live life king size. Peace out!

Bhoomika Gupta

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