What it is like to not be in an elite Institute ?

What it is like to not be in an elite Institute ?

The aspiration of an ideal Indian kid is to make it to an elite institute like top IITs or the NITs, but the candour truth is not everyone makes it! I being one amongst the millions, urges me to write this!

With the 11th grade coming to an end and the holidays which hardly last for a week, parents are busy looking at different factories that could mould their kid with the right machines without considering the fact of what the child wants. In a disarray of thoughts, with a few nerds going from shop to shop for second-hand books and a few hanging with girl friends in various movie halls, the average kid is left in uncertainty.

Being average is never wrong! It is way better that being nothing! The only thing that would help you out is guidance in the right direction! Who gets the right guide? Who gets to know what your idol did to get there? The main reason for not hitting the high is this!

After much of hesitancy we tend to fall in one of the training institutes and go there almost every day to waste a solid time of 3 to 4 hours a day! Time passes rather quickly! Revisions, pre-boards and JEE revisions won’t hesitate even to beat Usain Bolt ! But this is when the majority starts to look at what exactly life has been in a past few months! With the results out for the mocks and models failing would have become a way of life!

Elite institute
Post which pondering over the time that had been missed, most end up flunking most of the so called’ life deciding exams’ and some how getting in with the last few available seats or by filling bags with money instead of book, the induced aspiration of getting into an elite institute to pursue engineering might be fulfilled.

This setback at an early stage of your career is possibly the best morale boost that one could get! Its greater to convert a bad start into a successful one rather than piling on your glory!
Its just the beginning!

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