Types of family members you find in an Indian household

Types of family members you find in an Indian household

Family is the greatest gift anyone can ever get, but then there are these epic characters (among our relatives) who are not just annoying but adversely despicable.

The ideal kid : We all have that one cousin we are always compared to at every step of our lives. The entire family is in awe of this person and they advise you to be more like them. ( Lucky you if you are this kid 😉  )


The bossy one : We have one strong , dominating  family member who lives to boss around everyone. They might be wrong or right but they love to instruct you and want you to  follow their orders.


The nosy one : This kind of relative is the most common . They love to be a part of every activity and want to be updated about every trivial detail doing rounds in the family. They rarely mind their own business and love to poke their nose around in every other person’s life . ( ‘ Do you know his daughter dyed her hair ? ‘  ‘Acha you are taking up that course ? That is not good do something else’)


The fuss-about one : We sometimes have relatives who are persnickety and make a fuss about every little thing. Invite them to a party and they are surely going to pin point 10 things you should have done differently


 The braggart : Sometimes we have to deal with relatives who just love to boast and exaggerate. They want to be the highlight of a party by showing off their bragging skills. ( ‘Pata hai i bought a car worth 20 lakhs ‘ ‘ My daughter is getting married to a billionaire’ )


The sweet to your face, talks behind your back one: We sometimes have to bear with family members who are sugar sweet to your face but turn your backs around and out comes their knife to stab you ( Quite literally in some cases) .They badmouth you and pretend to be sweet to you.


And the one who calls during results: We all have relatives who we rarely talk to round the year. Maybe they do not meet you for years or even bother to wish you on birthdays but out comes an important result for an examination they are the first ones to call up and enquire as if they burned the midnight oil with you and toiled with you when you had been preparing 😛


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