Techie friend with benefits

Techie friend with benefits

In this era of android, I find myself sitting in the corner of a room, fiddling with my phone trying to figure out a way to unlock my touch screen phone (Obviously I am not that naive, just trying to give you a feel of my helplessness 😛 ). It seems as if the entire world is moving forward and talking about hi-fi stuff like Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence and somehow I am still stuck in some parallel universe playing Mario and Roadrash. But thank goodness that the Almighty realized that her little disciple, i.e., me, is struggling in her attempt to fit in this advanced-fast moving-techie world and therefore sent for me a tech savvy, app nerd, computer geek GOD. So, I just want to share with the tech-lame humans like me all the benefits of having such a “friend” 😉 in life.

He knows everything about operating every technology, from not so hip flash drives to totally chichi VR kits. So, if you are struggling with an app on your phone, no need to Google, call him up. If you have an issue while installing any software, call him up. If you want to fix your crashing phone/computer, call him up. He is your guy for everything (No double meaning here 😛 ). Moreover, he not just knows all this stuff he also owns most of it. Fancy, right? So, the next time you need some advice on buying a new phone or getting a new laptop just get in touch with him and you just won a free demo for yourself.

Now consider a situation when you are in an electronic store and you don’t understand the difference between the various processors embedded inside the modern jazzy smartphones present in the store or say you don’t know which camera is better for night time photography or you don’t know the difference between i5 and i7. Google doesn’t help either. It just adds to your dilemma by providing you with more options and bombards your brain with new heavy terms. Do not panic. Your tech encyclopedia is there for you. He is your angel, sent straight down from heaven. <3 😀

Do you like playing video games but you don’t know how? Do you need help learning a new game which is trending in the market? The help is present a call away. Call your friend and in the next few minutes you are knocking at his door, the PS4 is all set and your tutor is ready to introduce you to the fascinating world of gaming. He will give you a tough competition and what can be a better way of learning? Playing against a worthy opponent is the best way to groom your gaming skills. Moreover, he can teach you some pretty amazing cheats and cracks which can help you stay on top of the score board. 😀


Techie friend is like a Gadget Guru. He knows A to Z of the software/hardware world and can acquaint you with all the upcoming technologies in the market. You can also learn simple technology handling tricks from him. Post this learning session you can show-off your newly acquired wizard like skills in front of your other tech-lame friends and family. Shushh!!! Nobody needs to know about your secret book of knowledge. He can also help you in preparing for tech job interviews, internship SOPs and MS essays.

Lastly, the most important of all is he doesn’t get annoyed when you ask him silly questions/doubts. He loves it! 😀 He is happy to know that he is your go to guy  and is ready to help you 24×7. It somehow makes him feel more intelligent. See you are making someone feel proud of himself, ain’t that some goodwill?

A techie friend is a gem of a kind. Once you find him, never ever dare to loose him. He can design apps for you which you never even thought could exist. He can make your mechanic life automatic and can add a lot of vigor to it. He will never fail to amaze you. He will challenge your imagination and will always be there for you just like a true friend is with some added benefits. 😀 <3

Bhoomika Gupta

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