Pretentious review on ‘Kya Kehna’ – The pregnancy movie ever

Kanan Gill and Biswa are now back with the pretentious review on the ‘always-to-be-remembered’ as the pregnancy movie ever – Kya Kehna. As always the duo haven’t failed to let the viewers burst into laughter by pointing out the stupidious errors of the movie in the most hilarious way. Though the movie stars big names like Saif, Priety, Chandrachur and Anupam Kher but utterly fails to put the practicality on screen which will make us LOL by trolling at some epic scenes.

Here are a few top LOL bombs –
Rahul Modi – Yeah, this could have been the most powerful name in this generation with the combination of two extreme powerful/influential people. Nevertheless, Saif Ali Khan whose character name is ‘Rahul Modi’ is an impossible doer. He jumps from one cliff to another which are at the same elevation without falling down ( I still wonder what have I been taught back in school about kinematics in physics :P)

Music – As someone once said “good things can be copied but great things are just a coincidence”, so is the music of this film. One can find resemblance to something or the other for each and every tune of this movie, the music director must be a Maestro.

Pregnancy – Yeah, the un-speakable. This is the most important or lets say the only thing about the movie that anybody could remember about. The whole story is about how priety gets pregnant (It is more explicit in the video :P)and how our Rahul Modi denies to marry her in spite of being in love with her and having sex with her behind a tree (Rather stupid, than funny). Story also shows how everybody in the movie is trying to hide the fact that Priety is pregnant but eventually everybody knows the ‘so-called-to-be-secret’ and gasps at it.

The crowd too plays an epic part in the movie. Do watch it and witness the fun 😀

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