Tested to the Limit, Cristiano Ronaldo!

Have a look at this -Tested to the limit

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most valuable footballers on the planet. His talent is memorizing. He is fast, strong and is definitely a complete athlete. Ronaldo scored the winning goal for Real Madrid to grab their hands on the precious Uefa Champions League trophy, taking the decider penalty in the shoot-out and converting it into a goal. But what is it that gives Ronaldo the edge over all the players? Sports Science experts forensically analyzed that what makes him such an efficient machine. Cristiano went under a series of challenges each one designed to investigate different strengths in his game. He underwent tests for body strength, mental ability, technique and finally skills. The results revealed are often surprising as Ronaldo was tested to the limit

(Image source= Getty Images)

Sahil Shaparia

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