One True Love

One True Love

Up until now it was just love
The crazy, stupid teenager lust
My heart just knew the feeling of  your touch
The warmth and fervor of your hug

But now that we are oceans apart
Living our lives, poles apart
Our love still stands strong
Inside my  tender heart!

This love has found its true worth
It is not just you whom I love
It is the idea of “Us” that I crave for
Your voice, your heart, your soul!

That I live for
The distances that we have between us
Is just a mirage,
A hurdle posed by universe

“I miss you” would be an understatement
I would fall off the sky to be with you
Would be an infallible truth
The aura of our affection

Has touched the crest of our devotion
And now I discern the meaning of
our One True Love!!

Bhoomika Gupta

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