Blooper reel of Game of Thrones Season6 is hilarious indeed

While most of the Game of Thrones fans are in a state of dreariness having nothing to surprise them on a Sunday night as all the episodes of Season 6 has been aired and the wait for next season goes until late 2017. Being a hard-core GoT fandom, I face nothing but Monday blues on a Monday now!

But there is a happy moment for us all… Oh, did I just say ‘Happy’ then make it a ‘Hilarious’ now! Jumping into the topic, this is all about the bloopers of Season 6 which was released at San Diego Comin-Con 2016. Though this one is quite a minuscule version of the bloopers, it features the ever best ‘Tyrion Lannister – Peter Dinklage’, the Khaleesi ‘Daenerys Targaryen – Emilia Clarke’ and our very own King in the North ‘Jon Targaryen (no more Snow-ing now) – Kit Harrington’.


This blooper reel captures such amazing moments like how hard ‘the word-wizard’ Peter tries to get a line correct, not to forget the fact that he is the one with the most number of lines in the series and how Khaleesi, who by now has mastered in speaking Dothraki fumbles like anything. As we feel that Jon’s resurrection was lame but it was more than embarrassing for Kit. And once again he justified the line ‘Jon Snow, you know Nothing’ because he doesn’t even know how to wink (Poor Rose 😉 )


Once you watch this blooper reel it is highly irresistible to stop, you will end up watching it over and again. Adding surprise to the climax, the makers of Game of Thrones has released an in-production teaser of Season 7 and again it is amazing!


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