Thank that special someone in your life!<3

Thank that special someone in your life!<3

This article is solely meant for that special someone in my life. Before getting started about the love of my life, let me give you a gist of my intro. I’m just an occasional writer with merely sufficient skills. In fact, writing something like this is pretty new to me but the reason why I took this up is because I wanted to thank my love for being everything, always!!


The day I first met you was nothing more than a mere coincidence. I was not aware that we will get this close in a relationship. As we started talking, there was no reason for a hiatus. Those conversations which were supposed to end in a few minutes, lasted for hours as long as the night stayed and continued till the daybreak.

Initially, we were just good friends (so are we now). In a really short span we gelled well not just with each other but also with each other’s friends. With time, possessiveness and jealousy joined the crew to transform the existing friendship to love. Never did we realize when this drift took turn, in course of the stream.


Those mornings we walked on the beach, those laughs we shared at each other’s lame jokes, those places we traveled, those intimate moments in bed, every single second that we have spent together are memorable and definitely be cherished happily for ever.

The initiator may be the similarity in our traits, but its the emotional quotient in us that acted as the catalyst to make this bond eternal.


How we met might just be a coincidence,
But now what I desire around me is – just your presence.
May it be hours, talking to you makes time fly
But missing you for just a second, makes me cry
We stood for each other during think and thin
But you taught me things and became a guide to win!
Life is so hard to imagine without you,
Even my dreams are filled with thoughts about you,
Though times we spend together might not be new,
But those were definitely the beautiful ones I ever knew!


Questions could be many, but the answer is Love, I love you!!


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