Rise of Indian Cricket!

It is the month of April and only one thing can possibly come to every Indian’s mind! Yes! I am talking about the Indian Premier league of Cricket, the T20 season of India.

VIVO IPL 2016 has started and it has started with a bang, making it certain that this will definitely be a cracker season

But when we rewind for a moment and think about those years when one day cricket use to be of 60 overs, the game of cricket seemed like a black and white T.V and the things were just starting to change, we never thought that there would come a time where cricket will be played for just 20 overs.

How did this change happen? How India became a manufacturer of brilliant cricketing talent? How did IPL start? To answer all those questions we present to you, the cricketing voice of India, Mr. Harsha Bhogle, sharing his thoughts about the rise of cricket, leading to the rise of India.

(video source= www.ted.com )

Sahil Shaparia

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