The science behind Penalty Kicks!

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One kick and only the keeper to be. One of the biggest pressure moments a footballer will ever face and it should be the easiest job in the world. So just why taking a penalty so stressful?

Be it a world cup final or a league game, penalty kicks have been the deciding moment many times. Indeed, penalties, especially penalty-shoot-outs, are high-pressure affairs that are often game and season-defining events.

Taking a penalty and saving one are two difficult jobs; both require mental sharpness, speed, and accuracy. Statistics say that only 11% of the penalty kicks were saved by the goal-keepers till the last world cup. So what advantage do penalty takers have over goalkeepers? How do players prepare physically and mentally before taking a penalty kick? What is the science behind this?

Sports Science’s John Brenkus breaks down the code – Watch it out!

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Sahil Shaparia

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