The Bangla Debacle

The Bangla Debacle

The supposed ‘underdogs’ have indeed redeemed their status as a highly competitive International team. Yes, we are talking about how Bangladesh took the Indians for a ride in the initial two ODIs. Without looking into what exactly happened, the first person to blame was the three time ICC Tournament champion, our very ‘own’ captain cool MSD.

Prior to the tour, BCCI was cautious enough to send the first squad to Bangladesh, else even they wouldn’t have been spared. The Bangladesh team had already sent an alert note to all the top sides in the world during the ICC World Cup in Australia. The one thing that we as Indians should feel proud about is that the opponent shouldn’t be taken lightly.

There were questions raised whether this tour was necessary? In fact, it was very mandatory for Indians to be in such a crisis situation and make India as a team and the fans grounded. To put it bluntly, Cricket is the greatest leveler. The last time we faced this situation was during the 2007 World Cup in West Indies and it was indeed a wound that can never heal.

Coming to the present series, the last match needed some real character and we have been the one’s who defined what it is – to play a lost series. As they say ‘It takes a lot of perseverance to pile onto your glories rather to start from a set back’. The Third match was very important for us to validate our status of being the top cricketing team around the world.

But as always we criticize only when failed and now the victim is our skipper Dhoni, a man who led a young team in South Africa in 2007 to win the T20 World Cup which no one had ever thought would happen. Then he led us to victory in the World Cup 2011 in India and the Champion’s trophy in England.

Now, is it the right time to criticize the man who spent almost a month away without seeing his new born baby, for his lack of performance?

One message to the critics that the Indian Fans want to say is ‘ Better Luck next time’. Be it a win or a loss, the nation is going to go behind Team India and the support will never be less.

Hoping for a better season ahead.

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