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Where Competition is cut throat, seats are limited and reservations takes its toll. Each year lakhs of students enroll themselves in various coaching programs ,be it IIT-JEE followed by GATE ,GRE etc the list is never-ending.

Students blindly follow the trend and move with it with huge piled up responsibilities and glittering dreams in their timid eyes. They can’t even dare to reflect what they really want to do. The series of hard-core rigorous training starts while few flourish, others are left in this race. A few race through via their dominance of categories and others via the power of money.

Few run down, just because they couldn’t listen to their latent soul. Following peers and implementing rules that weren’t meant to be part of life. Atlast the conclusion meets with a tragic end. You are finally nowhere. Simply a barren land with no nutrition, to even fuel yourself on.

Finally, we realize that we made a bad and reckless decision. Now, what next?

Let’s look into lives of few eminent people who shook the world, just because they made a right decision at the right moment.

Atkinson is known across the globe for his bungling slapstick creation Mr. Bean and his eponymous role in the spoof spy Johnny English franchise. Following his undergraduate degree at Newcastle University, he completed his Masters in Electrical Engineering at that renowned center of learning, Oxford University. If he would have continued with his EEE degree then he might not have such a huge fan following and a huge fan like me :P.

One of the most critically acclaimed actors of the Bollywood industry, Aamir Khan is another example of someone who decided college was not for him. He studied up to class 12 and then followed his passion for acting, and boy we are thankful.

The Mac, the iPod, heck, even Buzz Lightyear probably wouldn’t have existed if Steve Jobs stayed in school. The future wizard of One Infinite Loop dropped out of Reed College after just six months.

These are just a few of them, who changed our perspective of looking at the world. But what is common in all of them? Strong determination, goal orientation, dominance, leadership at its edge and falling out of the mainstream to follow their passion are few of the qualities that made them distinct heroes.

The message is clear and simple, do what appeals to you destiny will kiss your feet. On the contrary, it can become catastrophic, which would become your evergreen powerhouse to fuel your regretful emotions.

Source – career vs life





Sayantika Banik

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