Long weekend – Definitely not a quotidian thing!

Long weekend – Definitely not a quotidian thing!

What could be more enthralling than having hat-trick days without work? Agreed that this is a bit of exaggeration for a 3-day weekend. But, a long weekend does not come so often, make the most when it does! If you are super smart to plan out a holiday already, then get the hell out and enjoy. You should stop reading this post HERE and LEAVE, NOW!

This is meant for languid souls like me and those who are still reading this gripping write-up (as they are literally jobless now)! Let’s not waste this weekend with trivial conversation and start with things to do –

1. Get wastedThis is a huge advantage in a 3-day weekend, you can get wasted in peace. First and foremost you don’t need to worry about Monday blues. Because Tuesday wants to be mean sometimes too ~Wink~ . Party on the whole of Saturday-Sunday duo and deal with the hangover on Monday! Unfortunately, this Monday turns out to be a dry day, nonetheless who is stopping you mate!

Cheers_booze weekend

2. Go hikingAgain, I iterate, if you ask why now? Because you don’t have to go to work on Monday! Don’t hike as much as you can, but hike as high as it goes! Hiking with a fun-filled bunch in a pleasant weather leaves memories that stay longer than the pains. If you don’t have a plan yet, do it now. Better late than never. Buckle up, after all, you just need a backpack and a pair of trekking shoes, though not to forget a camera! ~Memories, I say~

hiking weekend

3. Do the undoneYes, I mean it! Do those things which you kept postponing week after week. Just because you are never complacent with a 2 day weekend. Things like cleaning up your room or wardrobe, cleaning up yourself (:P), doing laundry, getting a hair-do, trying that dessert recipe which you die for,  or anything that has been laid untouched.

dessert weekend

4. Revisit your hobbiesPull out those paint brushes and canvas stuck in the depths of your drawing room. Fetch that camera which you left unperturbed when its battery ran out of charge. Open the guitar case which stayed in silent mode for ages now. Log into that blog of yours for which you almost forgot the password. Dust out those books which you once bought out of desperation but never started. Not just these, anything that you love doing but let them go due to time constraints. Do them now, relish the happiness. After all, you need to do ‘one for the soul’, not always engross into doing ‘one for the kitchen’!

hobby weekend

5. The last resort – If you have reached the culmination of torpor, then the last resort for you is to lay lazy on your bed with your laptop and a cup full of awesomeness. Watch off all those movies you missed, those TV series whose spoilers you already know of and anything that’s fun!!

coffee weekend

Tell us what would you do on a long weekend!! 😀

Image Courtesy: Stocksnap.io, twitter.com

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