All you need to know about chanting a Mantra – Mantropathy

All you need to know about chanting a Mantra – Mantropathy


The science of healing through mantra has existed since the Ancient times but recently it caught the attention of the researchers worldwide, and came to be known as Mantropathy. There are several who practises Transcendental Meditation and through its power they can heal may kind of illness.

Mantras are rather mystical in nature. They are said to be “sound symbols” – sounds that in some way act to elicit the spiritual forces. Brahmvarchas Shodh Sansthan is said to be a Research Centre, in Shantikunj, Haridwar, India which incorporates science and spirituality together. They extensively experiment on the “Power of Sound”, and provide evidence for the world.




It originated basically from our Vedas, its origin is hard to find but our Prophesiers, Rishi,.. has left us with many records from that period of mantra, hymns and their properties. Like “Mahamritryunjaya Mantra” which is a life restoring mantra used by Sati in ancient times to save the moon.


Now the easiest way to start it is by chanting just “OM” or “AUM”. It is said to have its origin at the time of creation itself and often referred to as the “Big Bang”.

You could use mala or rosary which usually contains 108 beads. The mala helps in keeping the count on the chanting. In the starting for first timers it would help verbalizing the chanting, with time you could proceed to mind recitation.




Have u seen Naruto..? It is a manga, and well if you have then it will be easy for you to understand. We have Seven Chakras in our body and each of them are associated with a mantra of their own. The wave discharging from the mantras help that particular chakra to accumulate life energy. The function of the chakras is to keep the body in spiritual, mental, emotional and physical balance and enhance their effect.



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