Oh Sunny Summer – Why so harsh on us?

Oh Sunny Summer – Why so harsh on us?
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The summer of 2016 has not just been the most sunny summer but also one of the most deadly summers of all. The reasons can be of many, such as global warming, pollution, some variation in space and many more. But this time, the heat waves have increased multiple times compared to the past.

The heat has been measured above 40 degree Celsius in most places of India, especially up north. But south is suffering no less than north in spite of the neighboring Indian Ocean. The only ways to beat the heat are through water, air-conditioners, rain etc. But what happens if all the 3 are not available? Water is one of the key essentials for everyone no matter how rich or poor you are. But the worst drought has happened in many places of the country especially up north where the sun is blazing down onto the earth.

This has even led to the death of a 12 year old girl who was fetching water for her family, and finally gave in to the heat. If one summer could kill a girl, how many summers are yet to come claiming more lives? Apart from this, there are families who have no current at all to save them from the heat. People can survive with lack of sleeps with just a fan and no AC’s, but what about the poor families who don’t even have access to the basic facility known as current. When will the government start rising from their holy chairs to work those idle legs for something good? The death of 1 girl has still not made the government think of the need of the hour. Another problem faced this summer is the lack of shower which once again can solve the problems of water. But a glance from space can make us realize, there is no near chances of rain except for once in a while. Hope those showers are heavy enough to quench our thirsts.

The only thing we privileged ones can do right now is to drink a lot of water and keep ourselves hydrated. While drinking those drops of heaven, pray for the people who do not have access to water and current at all. Pray that heavy showers pour down onto the earth and wash of our tiredness!

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