Its my tale, when change really matters!

Its my tale, when change really matters!

Calm down girl! Just calm down, a voice cried. She was physically intact and healthy. Though mentally screwed and dead. Each day brought her set of quests. No one could dig into her soul, no one even cared to do. A year passed away, yet those wounds survive fresh with full agility. It is not just a tale! It is about the power of a youth, confronting the spectral worlds without any weapon, rather with a virtual power of words.

Disciplined, emotional, friendly and nerdy, she always wanted to explore and go deep. Her journey was captivating for many. Giving optimum in an examination was what always  being expected. She took it as her soul motive .Worked hard, very hard indeed. Socialization wasn’t part of her life. Hundreds of MCQs every day acted as vitamin doses to boost.Where the world outside ran behind social media comprising Facebook topping the list while WhatsApp seemed fuel for instant buzz. Put together a fruitful life, with fun and giggles.  Completely setting aside every damn thing. She wanna work, wanna work super duper hard. Madness ran and swirled in each artery, to top and rock. Expectations touched space station piercing through a blanket of dynamic assessment. Countdown started immediately, to bring an unknown change. Was she aware of it?

Definitely No! Her efforts started hitting her back, it seemed they also followed newton’s third law. Never mind, she patted herself. Keep trying this motto ruled her sub-conscious mind. Efforts cost huge price, dreams boosted her into unknown. Comments played a vital role. What others did has become footprints to be followed. Eradicating all leisure willing to survive on a single dream, to crack those competitive exams and only way to earn respect and gain status in society.

Ahhh cozy! I will fetch it at any cost. I can, I will and I should. Load on fragile neurons increased ten fold. Few ruptured and few failed to give feedback. Wind has changed its direction. Braveness soon drained, efforts ran into vain. Every single piece backfired. Her room remained closed that day, she did achieve it, still was proclaimed low. Mobile communication seemed the worst invention ever. Neighbors turned messengers willing to digest anything and everything.

Emotions took toll on her, depressed and broke. She was hunting something, something which she never pondered on. It was a blank sheet, to rattle her thoughts into. She started to reflect in productive manner. Change prevailed, social media turned 24/7 pass time. More socialized yet matured and stubble.

Calm after a storm, could feature newer thoughts and ideas. Once she did try to look back to judge herself. Final conclusion was that it took nothing. Taught her patience, judgement, real truth of life and a reason to look forward to earn her destiny.

Change of perspective plays vital role to shape any human in this paranormal world. Do welcome changes experiment with those.


Speak up, gear up learn from yourself. Judge what you are, pay for your deeds and earn for your dreams.

Sayantika Banik

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