Lets go backless this Summer!!

Lets go backless this Summer!!
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This summer, get a new sexy look by exposing the skin on your back by going backless. Going backless has been a trend for many years but as the time goes on, nowadays celebrities tend to shift to other styles such as strapless, sleeveless or deep necks. But the evergreen classy look can be given only by exposing your skin on the back.

Be it a party, casual hangouts or even informal business meetings, going backless can give you the right look for the hour. For a party, many dresses, frocks and gowns are available that can show your skin. Your back can be exposed in various lengths depending on your comfort as well as the crowd you will be meeting with. There are also sarees, salwars, lehengas etc. and other ethnic wear that expose your back but not in long lengths.


To make your party attire even more stunning, you can wear a necklace that goes with your dress in a reverse fashion so that it dangles on your beautifully exposed back. It adds a beautiful sheen to your outfit and you will look outstanding.

Conservative people may find it awkward but just think it is because they are jealous. Many celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Selena Gomez, Celine Dion etc. have sported similar looks for the red carpet and other film awards ceremonies. Never leave your hair open on backless, instead, tie your hair in a beautiful bun with small jewels here and there especially on the crown. If you have short hair, leave it open with a simple jewelled clip just for a small speck of glitter. Make your accessories simple for the night which adds sparkle to your attire. Simple does not mean to use plain accessories, but to use less amount of accessories which add a lot of glitter. Silver, platinum and diamonds are the best option, but if gold is the one for your outfit, go for it. It’s always good to use high heels for the night but it must go well with your accessories. The more your back is exposed, its better your dress gets longer because otherwise it would look like a long back and long legs.

For casuals, the amount of back exposed does not affect the length of your dress, pants or skirt. There are a lot of casual t-shirts and tops available which can go with shorts, jeans and cute little skirts. This is the best attire to have while you are out basking in the summer heat. You may, as mentioned above, use chains in a reverse fashion but it is always great that you don’t. Because summer is the season of just clothes and less irritants around the neck line. While you sweat, the chains may cause an irritation, unless and until you are chilling out in a mall. However, make your bracelets go a bit extra funky and off colour to give you a spectacular look. Even long funky earrings can add to your beauty. The best is to go with shorts, let it be skirts, dress or pants with tube sandals or boots.

Make your sandals or boots go flat. It can also be simple sneakers or shoes. If your sandals are not ankle-length, use simple thin anklets – single or double piece. When it comes to rings, use big studded ones while your hair style can be a messy bun or a pony. At times, you may have informal business meetings which may be outside your office and may be out in some cafeteria or a mall. At such times, you may have to travel in the heat as well as look a bit official.


For such occasions you can use semi-formal tops or semi-shirts which are buttoned on the top of your back while the rest is exposed. But it can also be a top where the top and bottom are buttoned and the centre is exposed. Use simple jewellery like studs for earrings, no chains preferably, a single thin bangle or a simple bracelet and your hairstyle a neat bun; you can wear knee-length official skirts or even pellazos while tucking your shirt in, or semi-formal pants.

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