Body Image doesn’t define ‘What You Are’ and ‘Who You Are’

Body Image doesn’t define ‘What You Are’ and ‘Who You Are’
Body ImageAsmitha Rajendran

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, color and all the things that you believe it to be. The society around us has built a certain beauty standard for all of us and if we are not up to those standards, we are considered to be bizarre in their eyes. Criticism is always there, people come up with many mean things to say and I’am sure we all can definitely relate to these comments:
” Oh look! That girl is too thin or too short or too tall, too fat, too dark or too fair”
“She could have wore something better”
“She shouldn’t be wearing that for her body type”
“She should be wearing something more decent”
“Oh look at those freckles she has on her face”

And not just women, even men face body image problems. Even they are judged for their appearance. People often censure men by telling that they are too thin and weak or too fat and chubby and every guy struggles to look like super model trying to muscle up just to fit in even though he has no desire to do so.Women tend to express their feelings but men aren’t able to do it. It’s just as hard for them to cope up with body image issues as it is for a women.

We are all made to believe that one is beautiful or handsome only if we have a perfect body that goes with an ideal height and a fair complexion. We even have to wear dresses according to what others feel is appropriate.Oh talk about dressing up! The fashion world has come up with something called “Dress for your body type” where the body type of a person is identified and only particular clothes are acceptable for each body type and your body can either be a pear shaped figure or an hour glass figure or an apple. Why did they stop with pear and apple? They should have included banana, orange, mango, grape, strawberry, pineapple and all other fruits (:P) like seriously why are they categorizing us, we are not fruits. Why can’t we just wear what we want or wear the clothes that we are comfortable in? Anyway people are going to bark at us no matter what we do, so we might as well do what we want to do. So dress how you feel and wear what you love because at the end of the day it’s all about how you feel about yourself.

Learn to love yourself for the way you are and try not to be bothered about others criticism. Know that you can’t impress each and everyone in the world and the only person you ought to impress is yourself. Sometimes it might be hard to cope up with such abuse but always remember the people who criticize are the ones who do not matter in our lives and don’t even be little bit concerned about such judgmental people.


In this image driven society it is important for you to embrace who and how you are. So show some love to yourself by taking yourself out on a date, dress up for yourself and stand in front of the mirror for hours admiring yourself, go to the movies by your own, go to your favorite restaurant and have lunch and do all things that make you happy.

And “To hell with the others” because we are always going to be too thin, too short, too fat or too dark for someone or the other. So let’s just love ourselves no matter what and break all the beauty standards.

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