How to be ready for the after work “coffee” in a jiffy

How to be ready for the after work “coffee” in a jiffy

In today’s time when office hours are no longer simply 9-5, time to socialise has naturally shortened. But which girl does not like to let her hair down and meet up her friends for a drink, or even “meet” herself at the nearby book cafe? None.  But we girls do have a lot of responsibilities on our delicate shoulders- from keeping our jobs to keeping our sanities; we have to do it all. And that too while we are looking pretty as ever.


So let me take a lil’ bit  off your shoulders and offer few tips for making the “office-to-cafe” transition easier.

Dress wisely:-  Office formals may look too, umm,  “formal” when you are going out with your friends for shopping or heading to the nearby cafe. On days when you know you would go out, dress wisely. Choose your attire which lies safely in the “formal-ish-but-not-too-uptight” zone and can be jassed up easily. For example, try wearing an colourful Indian kurta with a deep coloured bottom at work. While going out, you can simply add a colourful stole to make it look chic.


Make Up:- You know what is worse than being tired after a day’s work at your workplace and being asked by your boss to stay back for “fifteen minutes”? Your face at the end of such a day…..with its make up melting and smudging, and your lip colour feathering. An easy way to avoid such mishap is to carry your make up with you. Before heading up, you would just need to touch up a little, and you won’t look scary.
And always use long stay make up products. Sure they cost a little more than the rest, it’s worth it, trust me.


Accessories:- We all know it takes right accessories to make or break a look. To transform from the office woman to the evening diva, just swap your conservative office accessories with big chunky pieces. Just make sure not to go overboard and to match the accessories with your outfit. The bold silver kangan that you bought with your friend while she was doing her wedding shopping might not look too “happening” with your pencil length skirt and a trendy jacket outfit.


Loosen up:- I think this is the best advice of the lot. Nothing can take you from being the serious-HR-person-of-office to the cute-girl-at-the-cafe more easily than your attitude. Loosen up, smile, laugh loudly, flirt a little with the cutie sitting there and have a blast. After all you have to enjoy it while it lasts, tomorrow morning you are again going to meet your adorable boss!!

What are you waiting for, My Ladies!? Got out and rule the world!!


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Tanima Samaddar
  • Chaitanya

    Good read , keep it going Tanima 🙂

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