What’s up with this ‘Intolerance’?

Full interview of Aamir Khan that led to this controversy

There has been quite a social media stir after Aamir Khan had spoken about the intolerance against the various religious groups that has been happening for quite a few years now.

So, there have been two things that were intolerant yesterday. One that Aamir was referring to and another was our intolerance towards what Aamir said and the brands that he endorses.

We consider our self as completely patriotic people and we always stand by our nation no matter what. What is the price that we pay for tolerating things that we should not have been?

Corruption , Rape , Discrimination and the list goes on. To put it bluntly, the issue that Aamir Khan had addressed was intolerance towards Muslims especially after the Dadri incident and maybe in a way he is right and no one has the right to question what he said and criticize it.


Another alarming line that was breaking on the news channels were “Aamir wants to leave India.” The first aspect that we should consider while criticizing a statement is to understand what exactly has been said.

His actual words were that his wife was insecure about their children’s future and asked whether to move out of the country and immediately he added that ‘it was a devastating move”.

“Kiran and I have lived all our lives in India. For the first time, she said, should we move out of India? And that is such a devastating move”

If at all there is no better business, then all that we have been doing is targeting artists. Moreover making even a small hug political is just bloating up things. We have the devastating Chennai floods or the murder case where the whole of India is watching as a mega serial. Is it really necessary to use Aamir as the soft target to make headlines?

We have been citizens of this country and we know how hard it is to discuss sensitive issues and Aamir in a way has broken the stereotypical diplomatic answers and come out to speak his mind instead of what his PRO had said. Its time we understand what he said and then to comment on is our choice.

We stand by Aamir Khan the person for speaking his mind!

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