Ronaldo winning his fourth FIFA Ballon d’Or 2016

Ronaldo winning his fourth FIFA Ballon d’Or 2016
Ballon d'Or number four in the cabinet

The wait is finally over for Football fans especially Madrid and Ronaldo fans, Yes Precisely  the winner of FIFA Ballon d’Or 2016 is announced.Now officially Ronaldo won his fourth Golden globe and became second player on the planet over Messi to win more than 3 Ballon d’Or.Winning both Champions League and UEFA EURO with Portugal was a key factor in winning the ballon d’Or. he was crucial to the success of both sides and had a few iconic moments, surprisingly even Neymar backed Cristiano over Messi in winning the Golden globe.Everyone knows Ballon d’Or is a prestigious award given to best player in all aspects. i.e including goals, assists and many more. We all know now that from the past 9 years the prestigious award for the best player is being competed by two individuals, namely Messi and Ronaldo.

Now even stats say that Ronaldo has become the best Player in Europe by winning fourth golden globe, though many fans who watched Zidane, Ronaldo will disagree, but still have to accept that no European player has won more than 3 Ballon d’Or which makes him the best in Europe. when we thought Messi completely outclassed by winning three straight Golden globes but Ronaldo bounced back by winning two straight Golden globes in 2014 and 2015.Messi Won his 5th Ballon dÓr last season and this season, the Golden globe goes to Cristiano Ronaldo. Now he is just a corner away from Messi. At the age of 31 he netted 16 Cl goals which is truly astonishing many even said he did not score many goals in EURO, though he didn’t score many doesn’t mean he didn’t create an impact. Moreover Ballon d’Or is not about goals it’s about how your skills will help the team in winning trophies.


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