Ten things to learn from Captain Cool MS Dhoni

Ten things to learn from Captain Cool MS Dhoni
Here's to one of the greatest players India has gifted the cricketing world, here's to our captain Dhoni. 18 and grateful.

MS Dhoni, the name says for itself, is one of the most successful players Indian Cricket has ever witnessed. Even that would be an understatement. The level of strentgh MS Dhoni has potrayed as the captain for Indian Cricket for more than a decade is unprecedented and calls for respect. Here is a tribute to the legend with the ten things MS Dhoni taught us from his cricket.

MS Dhoni

Have you ever seen MS Dhoni traveling without camouflage print shirts or pants? Me neither. Its not just his clothes that display his patriotic spirits, it is his undying love to serve the country – be it cricket or the army. Remember in 2015 WC MS Dhoni was blessed with a baby girl? It was his patriotism that let her see the child for the first time after 2 months.

Calmness is something you can use as a simile here – as calm as MS Dhoni. The charm of the man lies in the calm he carries in and off the field. Even if gets a gun to his head like those fixing allegations put up by the media, he stays MS Dhoni and by that, I mean calm like the sea.

Remember that time Dhoni played with an ice pack because of back pain or that time when he had a back spasm and played with a belt that time or when he hurt his eyes and still kept the wicket? If this isn’t dedication then I don’t know what is.

MS Dhoni

Indian Cricket already has a successor to MS Dhoni and even if he doesn’t plan to retire anytime soon, the media will make him. When a reporter asked him for his retirement, MS Dhoni politely questioned him whether he has another man who can play in his stead and he’ll walk away. There you go, Captain!

Did you know that diamonds are made under pressure? Need I say more for our captain? There is nothing that the man cannot do under pressure and that’s what makes him the best. Rising Pune Supergiants pulled a heroic victory in their last match for the season when MS Dhoni hit a 23 off just 6 balls in the last over.

MS Dhoni

If I start praising MS Dhoni for his intelligence, I may not end for the next 10 years. His skills as a keeper, as a batsman, and as a captain are testimony to the expertise Dhoni has displayed in the field. But you know what, that quality runout in the last ball defeat to Bangladesh is what intelligence looks like.

If you ever doubted the might of the mighty Mahendra, then you betrayed cricket in its entirety. Have you seen that 23 off 6 balls against KXIP? Or those 15 off the last over against SL? Or the mighty, mighty six in the 2011 WC final? Yes, that’s the power of Dhoni for you.


MS Dhoni took a team of youngsters to the first ever T20 WC and won it. And you know how? It was because he respects the players and he respects the crowd and that makes his cricket completely different from others.

Despite of the being the punch bag for the media and former India players after every defeat India faces, MS Dhoni has not quit. While the circumstances of his Test retirement are still clear, the man continues to take India to untouched glories through what he does best – captain.

MS Dhoni is a wicketkeeper-batsman-captain. He has 3 jobs to do and he does everything to the finest level. From being the best finisher to being the most unconventional wicket keeper in the world and ultimately, the best captain – that’s our Mahiya.
The world is not without evils. There will be allegations and dirty politics and there will be haters who always think you’re incompetent. But you must do what you do and continue to do it with dedication.

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