15 weirdly funny pictures to make you burst into laughter

15 weirdly funny pictures to make you burst into laughter
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Every now and then you see people clicking pictures, if not using professional camera but yeah the front camera does the job for most of us!! Selfie. Selfie. Selfie. And we try to make some funny faces, weird expressions just to laugh at, when we come back and see them again!!

These weird and funny pictures will make you really laugh hard (No, harder)

1.The moment when you put your clothes in laundry but in-turn it takes you inside 😛

2.Why should only men have mustache? Here is how it looks if even women had 😀g3

3.What if even cows start wearing shoes? Tough competition eh, girls? g1

4.The banana gun!!

5.Self slap or face palm?

6.Careful while using a blow dry!! Don’t blow your head off along with the hair 😛g7

7.Sugar doughnut!g4

8.Monkey going bananas!!

9.How about some funky shoes? Sport them with your regular casual and experience how the world looks at you? 😛

10.Game on!

11.Poor girl!!

12.Faces –

13.When life gives you lemons, don’t do anything else! Just eat them up g11

14.Rock band!g10

15.The Kangaroo styleg8

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