Its time, Torrentz says adieu!

Its time, Torrentz says adieu!

Torrentz is past now!

Yes, the most reliable source for all kinds of files, the Torrentz website is no longer functional. Past 13 years, right from the day it started this website has proved to be the go-to place for anything per se. It has provided the world with unlimited content, may it be good or bad, its millions of user base was free to have whatever they wanted. As they say, good things are never eternal but are always ephemeral, so is Torrentz.

A few hours back, has officially stopped services on all its supported domains and bid a farewell, leaving its users in shock and distress. Sources suggest that the reason behind this mysterious shutdown could be the legal pressures on the piracy websites which led Kickass Torrents arrests. Post that, other portals decided to shut down on their own and Torrentz turned out to be one of them.


Torrentz has done a great job and reached the farthest and the most remote users over the world. After all, it was a free, fast and powerful search engine! Though the stint of Torrentz ended officially, but it will always stay alive in our computers, laptops, and devices in the form of files, videos, and the software updates it shared with us all. Before going offline permanently, Torrentz was able to reach a respected #186 Alexa rank.

Currently, it has halted its search engine and redirects to a page to show these results ‘Torrentz will always love you. Farewell!’

We loved you too and will always do!

We Love You

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This impulse move raises more egregious questions in the fickle heads of few internet users. Does this lead to an anarchy towards the freedom of internet? Will there be any free content available on the internet in future? Is there a future for anything that is web-based? Though the questions could raise a myriad of concerns but it is the future that beholds the surprises!

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