How Marvel’s Civil War overpowered DC’s Dawn of Justice

How Marvel’s Civil War overpowered DC’s Dawn of Justice

This is not to brag about how awesome ‘Captain America: Civil War‘ is, but to retrospect why ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’ could not set forth the same impact! On a broader aspect both the movies tried to portray the same story line. Unlike their prequels, where all the super heroes come together to fight against the evil, this time they fight among each other!

Though it is hard to compare both the movies on each technicality, it is very obvious to predict who the winner is based on the box office collections and ratings. Comparing box office collections is an appropriate metric as both the movies are produced with the a freaking budget of 250 million dollars! In less than 10 days, Civil war is able to record ~790 million dollars whereas ‘Dawn of Justice’ stagnated at ~870 million dollars 8 weeks past its release. So, proportionally Civil war is running to beat the collections made by Dawn of Justice in 8 weeks within 2 weeks of its release.

civil vs dawn

‘Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice’ had been bashed in spite of its super-hyped publicity, unmatchable cast and above all, its irresistible fans who waited from the moment Zack Snyder has announced about this project.

For a movie like this which stars the Son of Krypton and the Bat of Gotham against each other, only makes sense when their roles are equally justified. For some stranger who does not belong to either of Batman or Superman cults, this movie might seem okay but the hardcore fans cannot digest the movie the way it is!

There are numerous things that did not work for Batman vs Superman – The most important ones are the screenplay and action choreography. It sounds nothing less than hilarious when Batman almost kills Superman but saves him in the last minute just when he hears that Superman’s mother’s name is Martha (The same as his). One more setback to this movie is Jesse Eisenberg being casted as Lex Luthor.

Batman vs superman


Contrary to ‘Dawn of Justice’, Civil war is able to do justice to the expectations. The whole movie is planned as entertaining as it could – may it be the cinematography, screenplay, action choreography, cast and even the lines! Everything was brilliant! Though I was disappointed a little by the story line (Never mind, it is a personal opinion after all) Also, this movie did not hurt my head like the earlier one!

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