Bajirao Mastani – A magnum opus by Bansali!

Bajirao Mastani – A magnum opus by Bansali!
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Bajirao Mastani

As the movie hit theaters this Friday, there has been a positive buzz about the movie and it is a spectacular show by the cast and crew

The wait for Bajirao Mastani is finally over! Everyone who witnessed this masterpiece would agree to the fact that this movie is a magnum opus in every frame – The grandeur in sets is prodigious, the fineness in taking is phenomenal, the composition is outstanding, and the emotions are so touching that they felt real. Not bringing in the critics kind of a review, if you see from the perspective of an average Indian audience like me, who vouches for 8 out of the 10 movies they watch (ofcourse, most of the movies are selective) Bajirao Mastani is definitely a spectacular visual treat!

Watch the trailer of ‘Bajirao Mastani – The love story of a warrior’!

Talking about the cast and crew of this movie. Let’s get started with the lead roles –

Ranveer Singh as Bajirao
Though the movie is inspired from a historical epic, Ranveer Singh seem to have done enough justice to portray his role as Maratha warrior Peshwa Bajirao Ballal Bhat. Though, I’m not a fan of Ranveer it was amazing to see how well he lived in the role. There was a right balance between being a warrior, waging wars to spread the Maratha empire till Delhi and a lover who could sacrifice everything, including his life for his love. Ranveer as a warrior maintained the gait, accent, physique and pomposity alongside the emotions of being a husband and a lover. This movie, unlike his previous ones would be a milestone in his film career.

Deepika Padukone as Mastani Bhai
Anything that can be said about Deepika’s role as Mastani, would be lesser than needed. The maturity she got in less than 10 years of acting career is incomparable. She was invulnerable, adamant, poised and breathtakingly beautiful when she danced. Deepika’s opening scene as Mastani, shows her audacity as a fierce warrior. Her love for Bajirao and bearing all the pains to win his love shows her perseverance. Personally, I had tears in my eyes for the way Deepika carried the pain and emotions in couple of scenes.

This real life couple had a beautiful chemistry on the screen too, which literally blown out the minds of audience, making it believe that there love is timeless

Priyanka Chopra as Kashibai
Priyanka, the actress known for her versatility in acting has well-kept the needs of Kashibai’s role. Though she couldn’t welcome Mastani to share her husband with open arms, she did not want to let her die like the others. Priyanka should be appreciated for taking up the role of a supporting character in spite of her charm, popularity and experience.

Tanvi Azim as Radhabai
Tanvi Azim, is one among the best supporting actors for the movie who helped the movie stand out. She even went bald for her role in the movie.

Sanjay Leela Bansali
Bansali, being the heart of the movie has done an outstanding job, his hard work is paid off. Though the movie seems to have deviated here and there from the factual events, it is completely understandable from a director’s stand point. Only things that can be shown through the lens would be shown and he did a splendid work there.

Just a heads up for the few annoying aka disturbing parts of the movie –
1. Ranveer’s dance moves in ‘Malhari’, this entire song seems to be out of place
2. Those unbearable and brutal situations that Mastani had to go through for her love
3. Delusions of Bajirao in the climax. Apart from these, the movie is a masterpiece, atleast for me it is!!

If there is something that the society has to learn from this movie is ‘Love is eternal and caste system full of barbaric traditions is contemptible’

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