Inside Out – Another outstanding movie from Pixar and Disney productions

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Inside Out

Inside Out - Another amazing animation from Pixar studios. It doesn't deserve nothing less than an heartful of applause and thanks for showing us such a thoughtful movie with animation characters.

Inside OutOfficial Trailer #1

As and when I think about animated movies being amazingly done that they couldn’t get any better, the next movie comes and completely blows off my head. (Trust me, this hasn’t happened just once! :P) Leaving aside my love for animations, the wait is finally over. INSIDE OUT, the trailer of which bound me to wait months for this very movie totally reached my expectations! (No, I haven’t had any expectations because I knew this would be totally surprising)

Getting into the story line: The movie starts with the very line saying – ‘Everybody wants to know what is going-on in ones head”, it is all about how the inside five emotions joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust control the actions of a person. These five emotions control ones actions from the central memory, so called ‘Head Quarters’.The story revolves around Reily, an eleven-year old hockey loving girl, who has been uprooted from her mid-western life when her dad moved to San Francisco, she has a really hard time getting settled in the new place. All the memories of Reily are stored and sorted into these five emotions inside her head.  Some core memories (mostly of joy) like family, friendship, honesty, hockey are stored as islands which will be stimulated often to make her feel happy.

Inside Out - Emotion Poster Collaboration

Joy is the most crucial and important emotion who takes care of the driving wheel of head quarters to control Reily’s emotions and to make sure her day is perfect and happy. Whenever sadness, anger, fear or disgust try to override, joy brings back the happy moments and keeps things in place. In this process, joy doesn’t care about sadness because every happy memory sadness touches turns into gloomy and hence joy doesn’t let sadness work on anything.

Once, when a sad memory is going to be stored as a core memory, joy tries to stop it and sadness tries to stop joy which takes both of them along with all core memories into the dump, which is far off from head quarters. Now, the main part of the story is on ‘how joy tries to return to head quarters with the core happy memories of Reily’. In this journey joy meets Ping Pong (Reily’s imaginary friend), who helps joy to let joy make Reily happy and sacrifices himself. In the process of returning to headquarters, joy ditches sadness but in a chaos she falls into a forgotten memory. From a memory there, joy understands the importance of sadness and realizes that joy has come after the sadness. In the meanwhile at head quarters, anger, fear and disgust who are trying to control Reily’s emotions inject the idea of her leaving home and going to Minnesota back to get her happy memories. But joy and sadness after multiple trails and efforts reaches the head quarters and rescues Reily from doing so.

The most amazing thing in the movie is the innovative script. Seriously, how amazing is that? Putting every minute scientific fact about our thoughts into animation is just brilliant. It showed us how we usually get reflex memories, how we unknowingly start singing some stupid ad song from childhood, how often do we forget things that we once learned but no longer remember, how do we get dreams, how we create our imaginary friends (and boy friends 😛 ) who wouldn’t mind to die for you.

What are you waiting for!? Go, hit the theaters now to witness how feelings feel? 😀

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