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Piku, motion se emotion

Piku has hit the big screens with huge expectations. The expectations are justifiable with Big B, Deepika and Irfan Khan in the lead roles, as the actors are at their best. Genre is not something typical like any Bollywood flick; the director was successful again in showing his versatility. The movie started with mixed reviews but reached the audience well.

The story of a Bengali family, a father-daughter duo who are settled in New Delhi…

Big B: Amitabh ji is definitely the big pillar to this movie, he played the role of Baskhor Banerjee, a 70-year constipated buddah so naturally. He showed all the emotions of an annoying, grouchy, judgmental, selfish and stubborn old man who is constantly worried about his constipation and death in-spite of being healthy. It is so funny to see how he could relate everything to his stomach and irritate his daughter. At the same time, he being a hindrance to his daughter’s marriage and making a scene whenever she plans to go out with a guy is an example of how annoying he is.


Deepika: Deepika played the role of PIKU, an architect who is strong, independent and single. She takes care of her father and their day long conversations are mostly on shit (Yes, real shit). Piku is no less annoying compared to her father. The father-daughter chemistry between these two worked out so well that even their characters are drawn in sync. Both are annoying, stubborn and emotional. Even with an elderly look, Deepika managed to carry her grace beautifully and brought the bindhi style back in fashion.


Piku and her father are disturbed by the way things are happening in their lives. In order to relieve herself Piku decides to take a break from her work for a while. She then decides to sell their inherited house in Kolkota which is adamantly denied by her father. Piku’s father wants to reach Kolkata neither by air nor by train which leaves them to take the road, there begins the journey!

Irfan Khan: Irfan played the role of Rana Chowdary who is the owner of a taxi company from where piku gets a cab to work. All the taxi drivers are fed up of piku’s ill-tempered attitude that no one is willing to drive them to Kolkata, which leaves Irfan to take up the job. He later turns out to be influential in lives of both Piku and daddhu during their journey.

As the entire movie lets you laugh out hard with the stupid shit jokes but the climax leaves one and all in tears. Emotions between the father and daughter are captured so well that the director, Soojit Sircar and cinematographer, Kamaljeet Negi shouldn’t be left without being complimented. Background score by Anupam Roy played a crucial role in this movie as it keeps you bound to the story.


It is better late than never. So, go watch this celluloid on big screen now!!

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