‘A whole lotta love’ by Blush. is as subtle as beautiful!

Blush. has been producing amazing content for YouTubers from past few months. May it be a web series like Alisha which is a new genre of thriller mingled with fashion and a fashionista or a satirical say against the most pressing items like ‘The Printing Machine’ by Kalki. They always made it a point to stay above the levels of creativity and handled the sensitive topics delicately.

Now, on the occasion of Valentine’s day they made ‘A whole lotta love’ in which they brought three couples to talk about their partners. As the video started, love was so evident in the way the 3 couples spoke about their partners but the amazing part came at the end which made me love the video and admire it from the bottom of my heart. During the video I was quiet confused as I started pairing each woman with a man in my head, with the stereotypical mindset thinking that a couple means a man and a woman. Only at the end I realized how foolish I was and pitied myself for being conservative for a while.

Not just me, there are quite a lot of people including the Indian constitution and law who finds it hard to digest the fact of loving people of same sex. Not to blame the people, it is the surroundings that we are brought up, they insisted this conservative mindset in us! But think, how can we have an amendment that dictates us whom should we love? Definitely NO!!

Love is an emotion, instinctive, inherent and uncontrollable!

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