Politicians, Politicians Everywhere

Politicians, Politicians Everywhere

The very structure of India is an amalgam of the multitude of politicians and their parties working together and competing against each other. But this level of competition among various political parties seems to be outrageous in many cases. This is because, now-a-days whenever any incident happens in India, the political parties conflict with each other trying to underestimate the other.

Why does this happen when the need of the hour is to actually initiate some action towards the achievement of regulatory measures to prevent or relax the situation? But this is not what happens in our country. The situation moves from the showcase of the event towards the opinions remarked by one political party to the other. This creates a political row which is broadcast through means of mass communication. The focus of the public from the situation moves to the conflict between the parties. The following week is witnessed as a storm fire between the rivalry parties where the victims of a tragedy are completely forgotten.

Some may even blame journalists for this focus on shift. But that is how things are, may be the argument for the others. It is not a question of the ethics of Indian Journalism, rather it is how the parties get a chance to degrade their adversary in public. There are many examples that can be cited. A famous one is when a Dalit boy was burned in the name of caste, where the Congress party accused the BJP. This was merely because Rahul Gandhi was not pleased with the fact he lost in front our dear Mr. Narendra Modi. A most recent event was when the Aam Aadmi party initiated the odd-even scheme once again in New Delhi. There was a row of spitfire on the behalf of the BJP who were not at all appreciating the efforts of the AAP. We can say maybe, the BJP was jealous of not being able to take a similar effort.

This led to the response of the AAP stating that let the BJP first clean the streets of India, then accuse the AAP if at all it becomes a failure. Yes that was a tremendous response, when the AAP at least tried their level best to initiate the scheme and follow it till April 30th, and to also focus on the situation completely, unlike the Swach Bharat campaign, which was a complete failure. Just take a look around you will realize how flop it is. This entire argument took place while discussing on the odd –even scheme where these political leaders were not relevant but rather the people who may be affected by this scheme. But the problem is the solutions never last, just like the BJP’s campaign although the rivalry between the parties are given utmost importance. It is always witnessed as politicians, politicians everywhere; but not a single change to be seen!

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