Love Sex (& then) Ex

Love Sex (& then) Ex

Love Sex and then emanates the ‘Ex-factor’.

We dwell in a social world and mingling with other humans has befallen us as a pervasive penchant to our mere existence. We grow, meet people, craft emotions and a relationship is born. If humans are considered as the showstoppers of Almighty’s creation, the brilliance behind this creation has a lot of science involved. Science exists not only in the structural foundation of humans but also in the emotional aspect. There is an enchanting chemistry involved in the developmental processes of relationships. Some relationships endure the chemistry of DNA, while others abide by the chemistry of hormones. In simple words, some relationships are born through the bloodline while some are established due to mutual gain of happiness and satisfaction. Love is omnipresent and is applicable to all healthy associations. However, sex (not gender) is preserved for only specific relations. Hormones conspire, scratch the heart and love rears within us. Chemistry continues to produce a biological desire and sex becomes an unfaltering disciple of love; in turn keeping the human life persistent on earth. In accordance with a realistic approach, love and sex are an integral part of our life and in the present times, another feather is added to such relationships; the Ex-factor. Love-sex and then Ex has become a generic portrayal of the lifespan of a relationship in the present world.

The pandemonium surrounding the disastrous relationship of a celebrated personality from the entertainment industry has garnered a lot of attention recently. Print media and social networks jostled to advocate the celebrity’s point of view. In the past couple of weeks, Page 3 of all the national dailies churned out a spicy headline regarding someone’s personal life. Actually, revealing personal lives in media was never something new for these famed personalities. Celebrities market their lives akin to a flea market. The famous saying; even defamation is a form of fame, suits their lives to a T. While a common man tries to conceal every bit of his life, celebrities do not hesitate to reveal secrets from their bathroom to bedroom. A relationship witnesses a very unique growth in their lives. First, they shroud a relationship with a tag of ‘just friends’. Second stage has two frames to showcase; either ‘marriage on cards’ or ‘dating each other’. By now, sex has already played a significant role in moulding their relationship. Finally, a very few attain marital bliss while a vast majority witness the arrival of ‘Ex-factor’ in their lives. The ‘once’ fairy-tale love story dies along with the rumpled cover pages of magazines. The burning flame of love is extinguished and love expires. Wait a second! Is that the etymology of ‘Ex-factor’? Does the ‘Ex’ stand for ‘expired’ factor or the ‘extinguished’ relationship? The queries do not stop here. This quintessential fragment of relationships has a lot to reveal in the present scenario.

When was it born- The Ex-factor is not an infant. It has it imprints even in the pages of history. It has become more audible now as people have become more outspoken and brutally honest in revealing personal details.

What does it mean- The most promising justification is an ‘expired’ relationship. The chemistry of love and sex, though works out well, its symbiosis with regards to temperament doesn’t crop up. Eventually two people forego their love and set each other free from emotional as well as physical attachment. Emotions are extinguished and relations expire, making each of them the ‘Ex’ for the other.

Frequency-The prevalence and dominance of the Ex-factor have shown a significant growth in due course of time. The culprit remains the unafraid urge of development as an absolute human race. The world grew, so did the human nature. People made their own survival as the solitary motive in their lives. Anything harming one’s desire, one’s self-respect and one’s integrity was undeniably disregarded. Relationships were not spared either. Any association becoming an obstacle to one’s growth, causing an emotional disturbance and transforming into physical torture, is immediately banished.

Biasness- ABSOLUTELY NO. The present world has witnessed the bourgeoning attitude of women in voicing their intrepid opinions. Any human, irrespective of gender, has off late become more open to his/her relationship status. Nobody vacillates to identify a person as their ‘Ex’ publicly. Leave alone the gender, no social or financial discrimination is a hindrance in declaring anyone’s relationship status. Men or Women, Girls or Boys from any strata of geographical or social fabric are undaunted in talking about their ‘Ex’.

Reason- Humans are at that stage of life where anything broken or damaged is abandoned and not rectified. One is too busy in fulfilling one’s own dreams, desires and whims and fancies. One cannot afford to give room to sacrifice and compromise.

Future- Existence of Ex-factor is ubiquitous and it has an exponential future. Along with the advancement of humans as a sentient species, there is a spurt of independence as well. Increasing liberation leads to more outlandishness. More inclination to one’s self has led to lesser devotion towards a relationship.

With all the points taken into consideration, the factual descriptions state that though some relationships fail miserably, humans are never spared from the chemistry of love and sex. One can have many ‘Ex-factors’ in life, still one desires to fall in love, wishes to be loved and desperately urges for sexual needs. In the present fast paced life, love and sex has become just another essential commodity of life. People have gradually developed a knack of forgetting their tarnished past and simply choose to move ahead in life. They say love is omnipresent, so if you don’t get it from one, you will surely get from another. At the same time, sex has revolutionised into just a biological need of humans which can be fulfilled in due course of time. Conclusively, we strive in a world where relationships are not just born. We fabricate them based on our needs. We love, have sex and if something doesn’t work out in the relationship, we tag it as ‘Ex’.


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