9 reasons to hire interns for your start up.

9 reasons to hire interns for your start up.

Hmmm…. Internships!!!

Remember the scene in the movie “The Internship” where Billy and Nick are being interviewed by 2 people from Google….. Yeah I know! Funny!!
Do you also remember how Billy and Nick- 2 complete misfits at Google, become the winners and finally get a job at Google.

Actually, internships have been in vogue since time immemorial. It’s only now that various organisations have started bringing it up in their “Morning meeting agenda”. And rightfully so! Since interns are generally the least paid but most passionate workers in any organisation

1. Appeal to Gen Y: – These days, companies do not get the upper hand in choosing the crème d la crème of candidates- good candidates also get to actually sit, compare and select the best organisation for them among the many offers they get. One simple solution to this would be to appeal to these candidates at their young age. Internships happening year long, makes a perfect platform for organisations to sashay their way through the young employees’ hearts. Impress them now, get good candidates later.

2. Testing the candidate: – Since the interns spend a considerable time with the organisation, it is easier to get a better understanding of how they would fit in the organisation. Nobody wants a person who has great knowledge, superior skills, but is an absolute bull in your china shop.

3. Use the up to date industry knowledge your interns bring with them: – Organisations can benefit immensely from the knowledge that students transfer from their university experiences. These could be in the area of using information technology (Oh common, young people are WAYYY more tech savvy than your forty-ish boss) or new ideas and perspectives on how to conduct business.

4. Fresh pair of eyes: – How many chairs do you have in your office? No, seriously can you answer it without having to count those now? A good intern would walk into your office and notice everything. Interns come with their fresh way of looking at things and analyzing them. Their fresh outlook and inputs can prove to be very helpful.

5. Cost effective helping hand:- Whether the interns are used to make useful websites which could be used later too, or used to clear important-but-boring backlog work, interns are a cost effective way to boost the organisation’s productivity. Interns are the most motivated of all employees, eager to make a fantastic impression on everybody, while being paid the least.

6. Interns DO make better employees: – Look, do we still not like Madhuri Dixit, albeit her being of our mother’s age? Why? Because we have fallen for her since our childhood. Similarly interns, when absorbed as permanent employees tend to fall irrevocably in love with their employers and tend to stay with the company for longer periods.

7. Look Goodie-Goodie: – An often overlooked benefit of internship programmes are the chance that organisations get to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities or CSRs. Organisations, these days are in a quest to associate them with any good cause, be it “Save the Tiger” movement or the “Save the girl child movement”. Conducting internships gives them a chance to be associated with something nice at no cost (while actually benefiting from it-see a true win-win situation).


8. Try out something new: – Organisations are always trying to evolve. Thinking whether method “X” is better than method “Y” in the long run? Simple, ask an employee to try out the two method. No? Achha, who would do their work? Then take in an intern and try the methods out. Problem solved!

9. Free advertisement:- Make use of websites to post your Vacancy for free and get good intern and free publicity.

So see, take one, get another free!free!free!



Tanima Samaddar

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