You can make Leonardo DiCaprio win Oscar this time!

Leonardo DiCaprio is that one actor for whom Oscar seems like those ‘hanging but-not-sour grapes’ which has kept him waiting from so long. Not just for this actor but also for the millions of his fans around the world this has been a dream that ought to come true at least this year. Being nominated for the most prestigious award an actor could ever wish for – ‘The Academy Awards’ aka ‘Oscars’ as the best actor thrice already through movies like The Aviator, Blue Diamond and The Wolf of Wall Street, Leonardo now knows the pain of not bagging them better than anybody!


Leonardo Dicaprio in ‘The Revenant’. Source:

This year, he has been nominated for the 88th Academy Awards through the movie ‘The Revenant’ in which Leo put up an Oscar-winning show! Frankly speaking, ‘The Revenant’ with 12 nominations is truly going to make it big at Oscars too, just like it did at BAFTA and Golden Globe. This is the 6th time Leonardo has been nominated for Oscars; 4th time as the best actor, once as supporting actor back in 1993 and once as the best producer for The Wolf of Wall Street.



Many including hardcore Leo fans are not just praying for him to win but doing things which are a bit overboard. Until last year, when Leo could not win Oscar, people shed their agony on the internet through posts and memes, this year they went ahead and created a video game. This game is called ‘Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage’.


Click on this to land on the game

In this game, you can make Leo run to get his Oscar. In between, there come annoying photographers and Lady Gaga who try to slow him down on the red carpet rampage. Also, you get to see ‘Matt Damon’ and fellow nominees running alongside Leo. Nevertheless, you get to race them  and can make Leonardo Dicaprio win his Oscar finally!

What could be a better feeling than helping your heartthrob win his heartthrob!

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