A New Yet Sad Trend In India – Child Molestation

A New Yet Sad Trend In India – Child Molestation

As I watched a Malayalam movie recently, ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’, I thought to write about the issue which the movie has depicted in a beautiful manner child abuse. The movie is a comedy yet a story with a tragedy. It shows how children aged 10 and below are being molested and killed, they are falling prey to the various sex addicts lurking around India.

The biggest horror of the movie is that the child in the movie, gets molested by her teacher aged around 60’s. He not only molest the girl but also a boy of the same age as the girl, who eventually gets mad. There are many children out there who become a victim of molestation. As days pass by, as elections happen, as Narendra Modi visits every country in the world, many children get trafficked, go missing and face death. Another sad situation is that people don’t wake up to the situation, which is once again expressed in the movie. The police officer in charge of the investigation rebuke the close ones of the girl by saying not to react only when somebody close to you faces the situation, instead react to the situation even if it happens to somebody else.

One of the major problems with Indians are that they are selfish and have a carefree attitude. People read a story of rape or any other tragedy, they just have it in their minds for a few days. In the movie, such as, the police encourages the people to beat up the molesters publicly, especially the mother of the child who kills the teacher by slashing him with glass pieces publicly. Many of the perverts in India would face the situation if at least one of us could raise a finger against them. The public alone cannot be blamed for this, the government also has a huge hand in this. If our government was bold enough to give certain rights to public in punishing such sex minded people, many cases of rape and child molestation could be reduced. But our government loves to stick up with their own comforts and laziness. After all they have their power and as long as they are not harmed, things are just so smooth in India. Throughout the last decade, especially this year and the last, there has been a growth in child molestation.
When a child is molested, he/she gets disturbed, which may even lead to psychological disturbances. There are situations the child gets mad and forever remains like that when they are continuously molested. These molesters threat the child by saying that they would kill the child or their parents or even some silly thing which the child falls for.

Further the child yields to the situation and in many cases, especially girls, they die. The child faces a painful death and a huge loss of blood, but these shameless sex addicts never show sympathy and continue to do more. What is the reason for them to do such a thing, nobody really knows. It could be psychological issues, it could be addiction for sex or plainly having a fetish over children. However it may be, it is purely a cruel act which cannot be tolerated. There has been many NGO’s and many child security acts but of no use.


Studies show that the highest rate of child molestation happens in India. Is it due to the growth in population that you get confused with whom to do what or is it due to our “rich culture”? US has in fact stopped its people from visiting India ever since the ‘Nirbhaya case’. Most of the child molestation cases are situations where the convicts are teachers. May be it cannot be avoided, but it can definitely be reduced with 4 good measures
1) Provide sex education to those who are illiterate, also covering village areas.
2) Change or update the government measures for the people’s assistance and not according to the government’s comfort.
3) Check the functioning of NGO’s, does it just have a name or is it actually doing something?
4) Parents must teach their children not to accept anything from or mingle with any stranger.
5) Do not leave your children alone unless and until they are matured enough.
6) Teach your child basically what do such people want to do with him/her so that they would remain cautious about not mingle with any stranger.
7) Train your child to keep up a distance even with known people.
8) Leave the public to express their anger on the convicts publicly which must be watched by every other sex addict.

These are the most important measures that could be taken, where the second measure can be elaborated by saying that, change the policy where for every crime that happens, jail is not the final punishment. Punishment should be varied according to various crime offences, especially harsher punishments for crimes such as rape, child abuse and many more. Instead of just arresting the criminals and feeding them more and giving them a shelter, leave them to the public where they are able to decide the punishment other than just hanging them to death or keeping them behind bars for no use. But whatever measures are taken, a person just needs common sense and a heart to know that raping a kid is not so great. So a message to the public is help whoever you can instead of just leaving people behind to die, and the government, it’s a high-time to change its rules.


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