#GirlLove – Kissing hate Goodbye!!

Indo-Canadian YouTuber with 7.5 million subscribers and growing – iiSuperwomanii aka Lilly Singh – on Monday, 28th December 2015,  released a video ‘The #GirlLove Challenge’ to encourage women to stop girl on girl hate.


What is #GirlLove?

Everyone knows women love to hate other women, and that itself is the problem. Hating and bitching about others should not be a thing you love. And no, it is not equal to sarcasm. Mamrie Hart said it the best in the video “I feel that girl-on-girl hate is build a lot by jealousy and when you’re jealous of someone it actually, usually means that you want something they have which is kind of the exact same thing when you admire someone so instead of being jealous of someone, admire what they are doing”. ‘Admire what they are doing’, I ask you, how hard can it be? In reality, it is not what people easily do.

Admiring someone or even complimenting them makes people feel that they are smaller than the other person, which is more common in boys than girls. For boys, this usually turns into ego and for girls it leads to bitching. I feel the reason behind all this is that we are always in a competition.

A few months ago, I started hating myself and my life because from the moment I woke up I had to better then someone in something. Either I had to be better looking or more successful or famous than someone. Life gets very frustrating. People, women, need to learn to love themselves and be happy for others. #GirlLove is a start.

2015 has given us a whole different side of internet where the power to us has grown so much. #GirlLove is a cherry on the top of 2015.


Now, I love to stay positive and be inspired so I know a lot of leaders who help people around the world. Some of the very popular include Robin Sharma. Lilly Singh is also very passionate about spreading happiness and inspiration. But there is a huge difference between those two. #GirlLove is so realistic and stands against something that exists universally. Because frankly, girl-on-girl hate creates a lot of emotional complications during the teenage. In my university, there are girls who are so pretty and rich, I am easily jealous of a lot.

#GirlLove makes me realize that I don’t need to be jealous of my friend because she is prettier than me, in fact, I could be happy for her and compliment her. Trust me, this makes you feel so much better. I love leaders who guide young people by approaching the real problems. Leaders like Robin Sharma are undoubtedly amazing but to most young people, life is not always about revolutionizing everything that you do. To stay fit, I can walk/jog for 2-5 km everyday instead of waking up at 4 am and not ever eating french fries. Leaders like Lilly Singh accept eating potato chips and drinking beer and still inspire you, make you believe in yourself and most importantly, put a smile on your face.

#GirlLove – make it happen

Will #GirlLove change anything? It already is changing a lot. Use #GirlLove and compliment another girl on facebook, twitter or instagram. It will make you feel like a better person.


Let’s spread love this new year. Happy New Year.


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